Vivre Les Nordiques!!!!

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for “the other” team that resided in “La belle province,” also known as the Quesbec Nordiques. The history of this team is both rich and full of frustration. Most of the frustration stemming from the team’s relocation to Colorado and being rebranded the Colorado Avalanche. Not only did the team move, but they had also just starting to experience the  rewards for developing all the young prospects, as they were starting to win games.

The team has a list of alumni that is quite outstanding when you start to compile a list. Peter Stastny, Michel Goulet, Joe Sakic, Peter Forsberg, Mats Sundin and Owen Nolan were all elite players. They also had the likes of Ron Hextall, Jeff Brown, Wendel Clark  and even a returning Guy Lafleur.

Vintage Nordiques

Since the NHL, more specifically, Gary Bettman, returned the Winnipeg jets back to the NHL this season by moving the struggling Atlanta Thrashers. As this move was happening, Bettman did state that there were two wrongs he felt that needed to be righted in the NHL. The return of the Jets to Winnipeg and the return of the Nordiques to Quebec. Although he did state that he did niot know when that would happen.

There are two possibilities for this to happen. The first is the NHL expands and awards an expansion team to Quebec. There is precedent for this when the Minnesota North Stars moved to Dallas and then a few years later, the NHL awarded Minnesota an expansion team that turned into the Minnesota Wild. The second option is a team will relocate to Quebec and be rebranded the Nordiques. The teams that have the best chance to be moved are of course the Phoenix Coyotes andthe New York Islanders. I would prefer to see Phoenix moved and the history of that franchise returned tot he current Jets. The team in Phoenix has been a distraction for the league for years and they need to deal with it. As well, I would rather see the Islanders stay put as they have a much deeper history and were the first dynasty of my generation.

Shelved Nords Logo

What many people do not know is that the season that the Nordiques moved to Colorado, they were going to debut a new logo and new uniforms. The logo is the one posted right above this paragraph. We saw with the Jets that the new ownership may want to create their own logo and uniforms for the team, burt Quebec has an interesting situation. This logo would work if the Nordiques were brought back to the NHL. It would symbolize not just the return of the team but it would also bring closure to the entire situation of the team being moved as the new logo and uniforms would see the light of day.

Shelved Nords Jerseys

I actually really like the design but feel that there is one thing lacking, well, make that two things lacking. I would replace one of the fleur-de-lis with the vintage Nordiques logos. I also think that the triangle behind the wolf’s head should be red, since the Nordiques did have a red logo previously. If the ownership had a similar attitude of not wanting a vintage logo to be in play, atleast change the color of the triangle in the logo to red.

I would love to see a team come back to Quebec as in that province hockey is not justr a sport, it is seriously a religion. There has been a second team in the province in various times throughout the history of the NHL and I think that is about time to happen again.


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