Looking At The Avengers Extended Trailer

I had originally planned to do an in-depth analysis of the extended Super Bowl trailer but decided that I would go in a slightly different direction. IGN has a great analysis of the trailer in their “Rewind Theatre” which can be found here: http://www.ign.com/videos/2012/02/06/rewind-theater-avengers-extended-super-bowl-spot?utm_campaign=twposts&utm_source=twitter

They break down the trailer by pausing it at various points and rewinding it to get a second look at things that may be missed with just a casual viewing. I decided to look at the things that have me excited for the movie and the things in the trailer that has me “Smiling like a butrcher’s dog!” Thanks Mike Lange!

The God Of Thunder!

I am really excited to see this clip in the trailer for two reasons. 1 – Thor is using his power to summon lightning with Mjolnir, which was only used briefly in his own movie. I do admit the scene in Jutonheim where he destroyed a huge section of the realm was bad ass. 2- Thor has a sleeveless costume. This is obviously a homage to the original costume created by Jack Kirby back in the 60’s.


I am really hoping that the lightning hitting the building is actually Thor summoning it with Mjolnir. In my Thor fanboy mind, I am really hoping it is Thor not just summoning the lightning but also The Avengers to battle. How cool would it be for him to unleash the lightning as he is yelling “Avengers Assemble!”

I Am Iron Man!!!

One thing is evident from the trailer, Tony Stark has a few new suits of armour. In the trailer you see both the circle and triangle uni-beam components on the chest of his suits. We also see that there is a suit that appears to be geared towards higher altitudes, as it has an extra jet back attached to the back. Tony Stark gets a lot of face time in the trailer, and has a great exhange with the villain of the film.

The God Of Mischief

The entire war of words is very subtle but my god does Loki look like he is about to murder Tony. We do not know much about what happened to Loki after falling through the cosmos at the end of Thor except that he may have his hands on one of the most powerful objects in the world, the Cosmic Cube. Loki states in this exchange that he has an army. Who could this army be and why would they side with Loki?

What da hell???

So this looks to be Loki’s army. What in the 9 Realms are they? Well at first I thought “Self, they look like the Frost Giants from the first movie.” I am not really sure what we are looking at here but I am hoping it is not just frost Giants. Something that Tom Hiddleston said in an interview a few months ago is that Loki has been making some deals with some of the shadiest rogues in the cosmos. So what if his army is a combination of different beings? Some Frost Giants, some trolls, some fire demons from Muspelheim and don’t forget. The Red Skull appeared to be transported to one of the 9 Realms during the fight with Captain Americas, so could he be involved?


What type of device or I guess, vehicle, is Loki riding in this screen cap? Throughout the trailer is appears that there is an alien invasion of some kind hitting New York, but what if it wasn’t alien? What if it was Loki using technology created by the Red Skull, that is powered by the Cosmic Cube and used by various groups of evil rogues that are working for Loki? This would be a very interesting and would also supply a logical reason to Loki using “aliens” to do his dirty work.

Geek Out Moment #1!!!!!

This is he first time I really got caught up into my comic book fandom, and boy did I ever. In the com,ic books Thor and Captain America have an unshakable bond of friendship based on trust, honor and respect. Thor has stated that Steve Rogers is the only mortal he would willingly follow into battle. To see Cap hurting and Thor extending his hand to help him to his feet is just an amazing moment, and one the first physical interactions we see between the characters in all the trailers and teasers.

Grappling Hook Arrow?!?!?!?!?!

With Hawkeye looking a little worried as he falls off a very tall building, we notice that he is readying a grappling hook type of arrow to fire. This is an awesome sight to see, as Hawkeye is Marvel’s trick arrow specialist, and I was worried that he may not have access to an arsenal of arrows that would allow him to show off some of the things that made him such an interesting character in the comic books.

Thor looks serious!

Another very cool part of the extended trailer I enjoyed what the scene where Thor is flying and lands on what looks to be a Quinjet. At first I thought it may be one of the “alien” crafts but the more I look at the trailer, the more it looks like one of the jets that S.H,I.E.L.D. would have supplied to the non flying members of the team. Could it be team mates in the jet that are needing to be rescued?

No Words To Describe This ..............

I am a huge fan of Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal of The Black Widow and part of that is rto see her in that very tight fitting costume. Don’t judge me. However, I do love what she will bring to the team. Her and Hawkeye will give us the “normal” man’s struggles to combat this menance alongside their super-powered comrades.


This is shot is amazing. Captain America is using his shield to protect himself and Black Widow, while Thor is facing the explosion head on while only shielding his eyes. I am excited about this as it gives us the first look at what Thor’s durability will be like in the movie. We do not really get to see that in his own movie, so this shows me that he can withstand considerable damage.

Ruffa-Hulk SMASH!!!!

This Hulk looks to be the closest thing we have had to the comic book yet and it really does look a lot like Mark Ruffalo, who is playing the Hulk’s alter-ego Bruce Banner. The previous incarnations of movie Hulks just seemed to suffer from many issues with the look and the scaling of the body proportions but this one seems to get it right. The Hulk looks like he just jumped out of the comic book.


Speaking Of Hulk Jumping..........

We also get our first tease of The hulk in action as he jumps from flying craft to flying craft, swatting them out of the air. This is a really cool thing to see, although I admit that I am far from being a Hulk fan. The character may work better for me in this type of team movie as he will be a part of a larger group. I will say though, this is a very cool shot.

Avengers Assemble!!!!

This scene is “the scene heard around the world” or as other have called it “the money shot.” It was shot in a rotating shot of the team assembling for what appears to be the last stand against the the threat they are facing. You see each of the Avengers standing side by side as a unit and I have to say that I may have shed a tear of excitement and joy for this shot. If the theatre does not erupt in cheers when this happens I will be very surprised, as I know I will be cheering.

You can view the trailer here:


Will you be Assembling on May 4th????


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