Eye Of The Beholder

Theory Of A Deadman

In a previous blog I highlighted my sister Kelsie and her talent as a model. This time around I am going to thrust another sister into the spot light but for a different talent. My sister Tasha Huskins and her love of photography. Tasha has always had a unique eye for recognizing the beauty of a subject through the lens of a camera.

She did not discover her love for photography until later in her High School years, but followed her dream by going to College to better learn her trade. She seemed to find more enjoyment in taking photos of things that were always in action, that were in movement.

3 Days Grace

She did portraits and would take them if people requested but I think she found more enjoyment in taking a picture of something that allowed her to capture one moment in one immense series of events. The ability to capture the beauty of a subject who is sitting still and has been made up to look beautiful is easy.

Bif Naked

The talent and ability to sit and watch as something unfolds, and then patiently wait for the “perfect” moment to strike and capture that one second in time and have it be art is something else. It is almost like it is the thrill of the chase in a sense, as you are having to want to undertake the challenge of deciding what is “the moment” to push the button.

“My love of photography started kind of later in life when I was in grade 11 and took a picture of my brother Jason and his then girlfriend. After school I took a photography course and realized that I enjoyed photojournalism. I enjoy taking pictures of bands and sports and anything a little different. I am not into taking your standard portraits. These days I mostly take pictures of Lavinia (my neice).”

Not By Choice

They always say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and for someone who loves to look at the world from behind a cameras lens, these are words to live by. A photographer has to make a conscious decision when they determine a situation to be worthy enough for them to push a button that will capture it for a lifetime.

That is something I admire as it is not as easy as some people may think or make it out to be. Anyone with a camera can take a picture but it takes someone with an artistic touch to be able to capture a moment for all eternity.

Blue Flowers


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