The Man Behind The Rant………..

As I am sitting here sipping a bottle of water on the afternoon of Saturday, Januray 28th 2012, I made a decision on how I wanted to celebrate my 5000th hit on this very blog that you are reading right now. I tossed around a few ideas and even wanted to go to the reader’s choice option but my last attempt at that was not met well, it even at all, with interest. So I decided to do something rare for me and different. I will write a blog about me.

The reason it is such an unlikely post is that I will share some information on who I am, some of my interests (yes, you may already know some) and some of my philosophies on various subjects. So this is your last warning, your last chance to get out before we delve into all things Jason Who’s all still here….cuz here…….we……go!

– I am a single father of an amazing 8 year old little girl named Lavinia. I was born and bred in Nova Scotia, Canada but did move to Prince Edward Island for a few years. I still miss P.E.I. and was excited to go back for a softball tournament for the business I used to work for. It was so great to see some places that I missed going to. Was like coming home.

– I have 4 beautiful sisters and one great brother who I love dearly. Three of my sisters were not known to me until a few years ago and I to them. The story is a long, painful and sad one but I am doing everything within my power to give it a happy ending. I, along with my 3 sisters, are making up for lost time and are proving that even though we were kept from each other, we will make the most of our time going forward and prove him wrong.

– Red and black are my favorite colours and the combination of the two are full of win.

– My favorite drink is coffee but my favourite alcoholic beverage is Budweiser

– My favorite hockey team is The Pittsburgh Penguins and my favorite player is Mario Lemieux

– My favorite baseball team was The Montreal Expos but since they no longer exist it is the Toronto Blue Jays I guess. My favorite player is Jeff Bagwell but Jose Bautista is getting close!

– I love music. My favorite bands are KISS, Nightwish, Lordi, Motley Crue, Tarot, Delain, Guns N Roses, Def Leppard, Free Spirit …..I could go on and on really.

– My favorite food is not so much a food but a type of food. I absolutely LOVE breakfast foods. All day breakfast restaurants are my favorite places to eat hands down.

– My favorite movie is The Crow and Thor. They are 1 and 1a to me. I also loved both Iron Man movies, anything written or directed by Kevin Smith, I like horror movies, super hero movies, thrillers, comedies, action movies …well…pretty much anything I guess.

– My favorite tv show is Destination Truth. I love the idea of tracking mythical and legendary creatures. I also used to love Paranormal State on A&E. Great show and Katrina Weidman is so damn hot!

– I am obsessed with mythology and history. They can go hand in hand and that is very exciting to me. It doesn’t matter to me if the mythology is Norse, Greek, Roman, Japanese or Egyptian. I love reading or watching shows on all of it. Same with history. I can easily eat that stuff up all day long.

– I am a huge comic book junkie. It all started when I first read an issue of X-men and saw Wolverine for the first time as a kid. I was hooked. I always enjoyed Wolverine, Batman and Spider-Man but there are two characters that have stayed with me throughout the years. From Marvel Comics it is Thor and DC Comics it is Azrael. Although Azrael is no longer an active character, Thor has been on a huge run of success since being brought back a few years ago.

– My sports number is 69, no not for that reason ya perv, but because I flipped the second 6 in Mario Lemieux’s 66.

– I once scored 185 goals in a 31 game ball hockey league and once hit for a .387 average in a softball league. Yeah, 2 sport star LOL

– I don’t think romance is dead but I do think it is a rare thing to experience in today’s world. I also think that if you are a creative person, such as a writer or artist, that you are a romantic at heart.

– I don’t believe in luck. I think your actions and behaviours determines your luck in life. If you do the right things, treat people the right way and look after yourself you will have good luck. If you try to take short cuts, show no respect to others and allow yourself to suffer, then you will have bad luck.

– I believe that life is like a game of poker. You can check your hand and try to see if things get better or worst, you can bluff and try to make yourself think that you stand a chance even though you know the outcome may not be good for you, you can be cautious and fold and live to play another day or you can go all in and commit 100%.

– I am not a religious or political person and will avoid conversations about both as I have learned that people are sometimes more passionate about these two things than they are about anything else in life. I am spiritual however and do believe in karma and it’s ability to take care of you or hold you down, depending on how you treat others.

– I don’t hold grudges and see no sense in it. I seriously believe that life is way too short to go through it carrying around any more baggage, drama and trauma than you really have to. It all just brings you down and puts you in the wrong state of mind. Not for me.

– I am naturally a positive person and will always try to find a silver lining in a bad situation, if possible.

– I have been asked what I find attractive. Well, I love a nice smile, bright pair of eyes, a great sense of humor and personality is a must. I think that chemistry is the most important thing to me in a relationship. There has to be a “click.” I do find healthy girls attractive and by healthy I mean girls with some meat on their bones. I have never found those stick thin models attractive, It seems unhealthy to me.

– I do not need someone to always agree with my opinion or point of view but I would like for them to respect it. I will never say “I think this, so it is right.” I recognize that people all have their own opinions and none is any more right or wrong than the other.

– I own an Xbox 360 and am a video gamer. I love the music games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero (because of my love of music,) the Halo series, sports games, fantasy games and pretty much will try any game once.

– I do like to read and prefer biographies, books on history and mythology, fantasy and books on the music industry. One of my favorite books is “Kiss and Sell: The Making of a Supergroup.” It was written by C.K. Lendt, who was a financial advisor for the band for many,many years. One of the most insightful reads about KISS I own.

Well people, if you have read this long then I guess you have more insight into me than most. I am honestly not sure what else I have to say, so I am going to wrap this up. Thank you for not just reading this but for being a part of 5000 hits to my little corner of the web.


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One Response to The Man Behind The Rant………..

  1. Quizoxy says:

    You sure do understand yourself! 🙂 sadly I don’t quite understand myself as I’m sort of swaying and always being random.

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