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I have been using the term “Bucket List” alot of late and never really sat down to actually put a list together, until now. This was a lot harder than I thought and from what I am told, the fewer items on your list, the better. So I am feeling pretty good about only six things on my list it seems.

Now I did do some serious soul searching about what I thought deserved to be treated as a serious bucket list addition, what wasn’t and what was something that I would be doing anyway. By this I mean, I wanted to put down “Make most of time with Lavinia.” The reason I wanted to put this is that this school year has been tough for me as I have missed her like crazy this school year. However, I know I am going to do this anyway so it is not one of those things that could be attainable at some point in my life as it will be every day.

So I set my criteria as follows: 1) I have to have a real passion to want to do it 2) It has to be within the realm of possibility logistically (can I seriously ever afford it, could it be pulled off with work?) 3) Can I actually see myself achieve the dream? (because what is the good of a dream if you know it is not going to be possible to achieve ever?)

So this is what I have come up with, in no order of importance:

#1 – See Nightwish In Concert!!!!

Nightwish – Jukka, Marco, Anette, Tuomas and Emppu

I have been a fan of Nightwish since I first heard the song “Wish I Had An Angel” on the now defunct online radio station “W00t Radio.” I knew from the first of the song when Marco and Tarja were singing together that I loved this band. The sound was nothing like I have ever heard before and it was heavy, real heavy.

It seems that with Anette replacing Tarja as lead singer that I am even more of a fan as the sound has been a little more Rock N Roll centred and I love it! I want to see Nightwish live in concert. Let me correct that statement, I NEED to see Nightwish live in concert.

This is a very attainable dream but just not in the near future as the band only had one North American date to start off their “Imaginaerum” tour and that was a few days ok. As far as I can see on their schedule of live events, they are no further dates listed past August 25th 2012 but it seems that they have covered most of the overseas tour with that.

I am really hoping that they will come to Halifax, Nova Scotia but I am doubting that they will. I will have to take a trip to see this band but I will do it. It does mean that much to me.

#2 – See The Pittsburgh Penguins in Pittsburgh!!

Has To Be In The Burgh

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have been a Pittsburgh Penguins fan for a very, very long time. Even though I have watched them win 3 Stanley Cups, I have watched Mario lemieux evolve into the one of the greatest players in the history of the NHL and I am watching the same thing happen with Sidney Crosby and Evgeni “Geno” Malkin. Do you know what I have never seen though?

The Pittsburgh Penguins live and in person. Somehow it is truly a new level of sadness when I realize that I have been a huge fan and proud supporter of a team for over 25 years and I have never , ever witnessed them play a game in person. Does this seem right to anyone?

So I want to see them play but I have decided for this to happen, I have to make it as “fanboy-ish” as possible and the game HAS to be in Pittsburgh. I want to see the Consol Energy Center, I want to see the Mario Mosaic, I want to sit with other Penguin fans and cheer with them. It may sound corny but I want this to be the fullest experience ever.

#3 – I Want To Visit Egypt

To See This….Wow!!!!

I have always had a huge fascination with history and mythology. Whether it be Norse, Roman, Greek or Egyptian…. I love all of it. So you may be thinking “Geez Jason, why Egypt?” I know it is hot there and I hate the heat. I mean, I really hate the heat but there is something about Egypt that calls to me.

Maybe it was all the talk about King Tutankhamun’s tomb as I was growing up that got my attention. Maybe it is the fact that the Great Pyramid of Giza is the last standing wonder of the ancient world. Maybe it is the mysterious Egyptian hieroglyphs that had taken root in my imagination. Or maybe it was all three of these things and many more?

I have tossed around the idea that if I could go one place anywhere in the world, where would it be and the three places that have come up are Egypt, France and Japan. All three places have opportunities to amaze and blow my mind, all have sites to see, all have fun things to do and have all captured my imagination. I have to say though that Egypt wins out, hands down.

#4 – “Make It” As A Writer

What do I mean by making it? Well, to me this means two different things due to there being two different formats in play. I either want to become a published writer or I want to sell a screenplay to a film production company. Lofty dreams right?

If starting this blog last July has taught me, it is that there is an audience for some things that you want to say. I have had my confidence raised by receiving some great feedback from Brian Metzer, Christina L Rivers and the Finnish Rock Band Free Spirit who actually published my blog about them on their website. All three of these things have given me the assurance to go ahead and continue to write, to push myself to get better and to try to go further with it then I currently have.

I have so many ideas and want to see them take flight but have always lacked the confidence in my own writing to see that happened. I want to be a writer. I can honestly say I never really took it seriously until the last few months when I noticed that I was getting a following. Whether it is by writing a novel, selling a screenplay or working for a website as a staff writer…I want to make my living by doing something I love to do.

#5 – I Want To Learn To Play Bass Guitar

Maybe not this bass…exactly….

I have always loved the sound of the bass guitar in a song and bass players are usually my favorite musicians in bands. Whether it is Marco Hietala in Nightwish/Tarot, Gene Simmons in KISS, Nikki Sixx in Motley Crue, Ox in Lordi or Melissa Auf der Maur. I have always had a fascination with the bass guitar.

This is one of the easiest items to achieve on my bucket list I suppose in some aspects but it is also one that could be the toughest to achieve. Financially it is a little easier to work around but I may lack the patience to learn the instrument and then practice to get good at it.

While it would be cool to ultimately learn to play the bass guitar, start a local band that I know will go nowhere, play cover songs at the local dance and then write an original song. I do fear I may lack the ability to ride out the all the frustrating and painstaking failings of learning to play. I hope I am wrong on that though.

#6 – See KISS one more time in concert

You Wanted The Best…You Got The Best….

Yes I did technically finally cross this off of my bucket list back in 2009 by seeing KISS live when they played the “Halifax Rocks” Festival in my home province of Nova Scotia but there is a small issue. I want more. It is that simple. I want to see them when they tour for their new cd “Monster” this year. Seeing KISS in concert is like being addicted to a drug, the more you get, the more you need to have it again.

There are alot of great bands out there and I have become attached to a good share of them such as Nightwish, Motley Crue, Lordi, Tarot, Guns N Roses, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Delain….I could go on and on but there is only one live show that is KISS. I described my KISS concert experience this way “Seeing KISS in concert is like having all your sense violated over and over but you welcome it eagerly, over and over.”

Seeing KISS in live is not just a concert, it is an event and it is the best live show in music, even to this day. Something that stuck with me when Paul Stanley talked to all of us is “We are here because of you people. You deserve the best show we can give you. You deserve to be entertained and you deserve to get 110% from us.” This may be just lip service from KISS to their fans but I don’t think so. They work hard to put on an amazing show, and it is one I want to see again.


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