Random Rants On The NHL

I will admit that I am cranky right now. I had typed out quite a big blog on the Marvel Movie Universe but it looks like it corrupted and I ended up having to delete it. I hate having something I created go wonkers and now I have one less blog.

I also am someone who will not attempt to re-write that blog today as I am miffed so I will instead focus on a new topic. I am watching the Pittsburgh Penguins on NBC right now and thought maybe it is time to delve back into the world of The National Hockey League.

Sheriff Shanny

I thought placing a player known for his hard edged style of play in the position of  Vice President of Hockey and Business Development and head disciplinarian of the NHL. I hoped that having Shannahan in place would allow for a more consistent disciplinary process but I don’t think that is the case.

I am going to rain hate on Shannahan as I do think that when he started explaining his decisions in videos that he released to the media, teams and fans, I thought it was a good way to give insight into the decision. If anything, he allowed us to have a face to the process, whereas before we would get a decision but not really hear a word why. This is one point I give “The Sheriff.”

However, he needs to step up and really be consistent in his rulings. I know that each case is different from every other one but there has to be a sense of continuity throughout the disciplinary process but I am willing to give Shannahan a chance to grow.

Alexander “White Trash” Ovechkin

Why do I think Alecander Ovechkin will never “find” his game again or win a Stanley Cup??? Well, because of that picture above. You see, Ovie is more concerned with making bad music videos in Russia, living a Rock N Roll lifestyle and living off of his past accomplishments then becoming a better player.

What separates Crosby from Ovechkin is that is recognizes that no matter how many goals he scores, how many points he puts up and how many awards he wins that his game will always need work. That he can always improve. Crosby was the best player in the world when he suffered his concussion and it took him hard work to get there. Doesn’t Ovie see that Sid wins because he works hard?

Ovechkin just doesn’t seem to feel that same way and the lack of urgency to re-establish himself as an elite NHL player is troubling. He would much rather rap about how is a top 10 player in the last decade than play like one.

All Bore Game??

The current format of the all star game is a joke. Seriously. Players picking players? My god. The game is a tough sell as it is as it is a game that takes away many things that makes hockey…well…hockey. The NHL so wants to be the NBA in the way that people flock to their All-Star weekend. Hey Bettman, here’s a clue: They are 2 different games with 2 different skill sets.

There is no way to make the game more entertaining but limiting the ridiculousness is a step in the right direction. Instead of letting 2 players choose teams, why not have two NHL legends coach each team and pick the players. Allow a real head coach to be on hand as well to do the actual work but it taps into the history of the game. Imagine Gretzky and Lemieux coaching in the All-Star game.

The skills competition is pointless since they are more focused on props and flash than actual skill. Scoring a guy a high score on a breakaway attempt in which he doesn’t put the puck in the net is a sure sign this is pretty messed up. They need to go back to the early 1990’s and watch the skills competitions from that era. Simple eh?


I think Gary Bettman has gone a little expansion crazy and needs to take a step back and think a moment. He wants rivalries and wants successful franchises but has his heart set on putting hickey teams in markets that they will fail in. It really makes me question his ability to get up in the morning and get dressed on his own.

He did right by the Minnesota and Winnipeg fan bases by giving them back an NHL franchise. The Minnesota North Stars and Winnipeg Jets never should have been moved to begin with. I am hoping that Bettman needs to also undo the mistake that was moving the Quebec Nordiques.

Yes I know that led to the birth of the Colorado Avalanche but the province of Quebec treats hockey as a religion and what is a bigger rivalry than the Montreal Canadiens? It makes too much sense for Les Nordiques to once again skate in the NHL. Step up and do the right thing Commissioner Bettman. Vivre Les Nordiques!!!

Jaromir Jag-Off

That smile makes me want to reach out and gently punch him in the face until he passes out. Jaromir Jagr was a legend in Pittsburgh and had the chance to do right by the team after he bailed on them and ran with his tail between his legs to Washington after Mario lemieux said the Penguins needed “Our best player to be our best player and Jaromir is our best player.” Most players would step up their game but Jagr, well, he runs away.

As I said, he had a chance to do right by the fans of The Penguins by going back to Pittsburgh and ending his career where it began. He has made his money already, so sign for the league minimum and put yourself in a position to win another Stanley Cup. He also could have helped to mentor the youngsters on the game and it would have been a feel good story.

But instead Jag-Off lied to the city of Pittsburgh after sweet talking them for a few weeks and signed with the Philadelphia Flyers, The Penguins biggest rival. His agent also reported that teams were offering up to 7 million to sign him for one season. I call BS on that one Jag-Off. He left last night’s game due to a suspected groin injury. You know what his groin is fine, you know why? Jagr never grew a set to begin with.


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