Another Hodge Podge Blog Of Randomness….

I figured I would forgo my planned blog, one I will share another day, and set up my second ever “Hodge Podge Post Of Complete Randomness!!!!!” The trademark for that is pending by the way, as I think I own the market on complete randomness. I will be following up some previous blogs and also give  a shout out to a fellow blogger and Penguins fan.

I just want to say that I am very appreciative to have such a following. I am currently at over 4200 views since July of last year and I also enjoyed a new day high of 139 views on January 20th. I can not say how cool and how rewarding I find this blog. To be able to write something is an amazing experience but to have so many people not just read my writing but also comment on it and this thought will lead me into the first part of my Hodge freaking Podge!!!!

Pale Sister Of Light CD


In a previous blog that was titled “Good Music Is Hard To Find” I discussed a few different bands that I am truly into but I felt were very under-appreciated and by extension still unknown to the masses.  One of those bands was Finnish Rock Band, Free Spirit.

I have already posted my love for the band in that previous rant but wanted to do a follow up post as something very awesome happened. You see, I stated before that I can not find the CD “Pale Sister Of Light” anywhere to buy and it was frustrating. Then on that blog I received this comment:

“Thank you for your kind words! Here are some links to Free Spirit stuff.

Mailorder record shop selling ‘Pale Sister of Light’ CD:



Well I know have the honor of having my blog posted on their official web site!!!!! Check it out!!!

I am still reeling from this and am so humbled by all of it. Thank you Free Spirit and I will continue to spread the word of your music and buy your cds.

More Than Just Puck Bunnies

As you know I am in a Facebook group called Pens-Burgh!!! and have met some really great people. One person who I have shared very “different” conversations with is a gal named Nora. I am giving Nora and her blogs a shout out here as I really enjoy the humor that she displays in her writing. Her Pittsburgh Penguins blog is called: “More Than Just Puck Bunnies” and her own personal blog is titled: “hey miss murder,”

I really think a lot of bloggers fail to show their personality but Nora doess not and I am ok with that! She brings an interesting perspective to the state of all things hockey in The ‘Burgh and her personal blog is the only place on the web I can find a picture of Evgeni “Geno” Malkin in his hockey gear, kicking a bear in the face in the woods.

Epic my dear Nora, EPIC!!!!

Nightwish aka Rubber Band Of Wolves

Tonight on January 21st 2012, Nightwish will kick off their “Imaginaerum” World Tour with the only North American appearance on this leg of the tour. I am still holding out for a Canadian leg of the tour in the future. Hell, I am praying for a stop in Halifax but I know that is highly unlikely.

What is cool is that on January 19th, The Nightwish Facebook page showed a pic of the band on a small stage and the comment “The Rubber Band Of Wolves will be storming the stage of the Key Club, L.A. in one hour.” Nightwish then preceded to play an intimate show that included many unplugged versions of their biggest hits. I would have given anything to be able to see that show. They are a great band but I will say, by the sound of the crowd, my little band is not just mine anymore. America has finally caught up.


I just got this movie on Blu Ray and am watching it as I type this blog. The movie stars Thomas Jane and Barry Pepper as Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris during the time that they were both looking to break Babe Ruth’s single season hime run record.

Now I am not a Yankees fan by any stretch but I love this movie. I first saw it on Bravo and had to buy it once I found out it was on Blu Ray. It is a great film that tells a very sad tale of Maris not just being the underdog in the chase against his more popular teammate but also you see how he had to deal with so much drama over a record. Maris had so much negativity to deal with from his own fans in New York and the press in the city, that I find it amazing he could hold it together and break the record. Maris was a player that was given a raw deal in many ways but he was a great player who set the standard for many years.


So that is my second  “Hodge Podge Post Of Complete Randomness!!!!!” and I like the idea of doing these every once in awhile. It really reflects what I am trying to do with my blog over-all.

Thanks again everyone for reading, you all rock!!!


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