I have to announce that today is the busiest day in the history of my blog and this is also my 99th blog I have written. I have hit 118 views so far today and that blows away my former single day high of 91. I also am sitting at 3802 views all time. I can not tell you how excited this makes me my friends. I started this blog as a creative outlet that allowed me to touch on all of my passions and a way for me to discuss my opinions on different topics. I decided early that I would not be tied down to one single theme, as I felt it would limit my ability to have any creative ideas flow properly. Why be locked down to just a blog about sports, music, video games or whatever the topic would be? This is a tried and true winning formula but I wanted variety. I thought if someone may get pulled in about my blog about Skyrim, then maybe they would return for a blog about Nightwish.

Writing is a passion and I never thought I anything I would ever write would be viewed by almost 4000 people. I am humbled and thankful. To think that my thoughts or as I like to label them in my blog, “My Rants,” have reached so many people is just mind blowing and I am humbled to have the chance to write for people as a hobby. I never envisioned my little section of the web ever reaching 100 views in it’s lifetime, let alone 118 in one day.

This is what I wish I could do every day for the rest of my life. I wish I had the talent to take this to the next level and write for a living. I wish I could wake up each morning and see something I created reach as many people as possible. Imagine the thrill to see someone reading a book you have written or sit in a theater and see them enjoying a film that you wrote the screenplay for. That would be so surreal, so much fun and so rewarding.

What a fantastic job and life that would be. For now however, I will continue to do what I am doing. This small success I am celebrating is validation that my thoughts, my words and my writing is something that people will enjoy and want to see. It also validates that my random format is working and was the correct choice to make.

I need to thank Mr. Brian Metzer for being someone I can look up to and as a friend. Brian is a writer that covers my favorite hockey team and is a great writer. The biggest thrill I have ever gotten in regards to my writing was having Brian read my blog on the return of Sidney Crosby and commenting how much he enjoyed it. This was so surreal to me and was so flattering. To have a writer of Brian’s caliber enjoy my work was awesome. I also need to thank Lauren McDowell for giving me an audience in her Pittsburgh Penguins Facebook group Lauren submitted my blogs to various Pittsburgh web sites and allowed me to share them, both hockey and non hockey related, in her group. It allowed me to build my confidence and to gain a bit fo a following. As well, Christina L Rivers who is a professional writer, praised my screen play treatment I started last year for Azrael: The Avenging Angel. Christina’s comments were so kind and she was genuinely excited about my writing style and the different perspective. It may not seem like much but these three people and these three moments gave me the confidence to continue on.

I want to thank everyone who has visited My blog and read my rants. I do write for myself of course, but have been writing to also reach out to people. I can not tell you how blessed I am to have this opportunity to put my thoughts on virtual paper and share them with the world.

You all blow me away.

In Your Debt,

Jason Huskins


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