#100 And A Glimpse Into The Future

Yes, that is the current Canadian 100.00 bill

After the huge (well, in my mind!) blog that I wrote yesterday stating my appreciation for the people who have not just read my musings in this little pocket of the Internet that I call my own. That was my 99th post over-all and sitting on it is killing me. I want the big #100 and decided that it would be fitting for me to do it in a unique way.You see usually I do not share any ideas of my potential upcoming work, as I have a certain set way that I do my writing. I plan out what I want to write and actually will start composing some as I feel inspired and save them as drafts. I will then leave them in various forms of completion and go back to them at a later time to finish them up.

So I thought I would share 5 ideas I am working on in various stages and that will be published in the next few months. These are by no means the order that I am going to finish them in but these are 5 I am planning on being longer and more involved posts. I will be sprinkling amongst these 5 topics, other blogs but make no mistake that these 5 are the backbone of my next few weeks.

KISS's New CD "Monster" Review

Just as I did with my review of the amazing Nightwish CD “Imaginaerum” (that you can read here btw: https://jasonhuskins.wordpress.com/2012/01/16/cd-review-imaginaerum-by-nightwish/) I will be reviewing the much anticipated KISS CD “Monster” which is the follow up to their Sonic Boom album. I know alot of people didn’t like Sonic Boom but that is a blog for another day. I will follow the same creative format for the review as I did with “Imaginaerum” in that I will be listening to the CD as I write it. To do this as accurately as possible, I gave the cd a listen through as I wrote the bulk of the set up to the review. This way if a stong stood out for some reason, I bookmarked it in my mind as I kept the track list beside me and could see what song it was. I then listened to each track as I reviewed it and did not move on to the next one until I was satisfied with my write up. It is a time consuming way to do the review but I felt I owed it to Nightwish, as I have been a loyal fan for almost 10 years. I owe it even more to KISS. I have 99 KISS/KISS Related CDS and Monster will be #100. Yes, I set it up this way on purpose my friends.

The National Hockey League

I have decided to do a major hockey blog since I have not done one in a little bit but this one will be different as it will no be specific to The Pittsburgh Penguins. I want to focus on the NHL as a whole and look at, what I consider, to be the pros and cons of the current incarnation of the league. I want to ouch on many topics such as expansion, Team relocation, the NHL All Star game, concussions, Sheriff Shanahan’s performance, Gary Bettman and the salary cap. This is not all it will involve as more will be discussed but these are some of the points that will be presented to you. I want people to remember that this is MY opinion and I am not stating it to be fact,well, unless I pull it from another source and give credit to that source. The NHL is in a strange situation with concussions robbing it of their stars, it trying to succeed in the United States and a potential work stoppage. I want to look at it all.


In the next few months there will be a lot of talk about Marvel Comic’s Avengers in some way shape or form, and I mean A LOT!! One of the most highly anticipated movies in recent memory hits the big screen on May 4, 2012 and you can bet your bottom dollar that this comic book geek will be there. I will post a review of the movie and a blog about my week long vacation to experience it. As well in April, Marvel has announced the return of the awesome “The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” cartoon show. I own the first season on DVD and have been waiting impatiently for the return to TV. As well, April also teases two major events for The Avengers. The first is the return to the Marvel Universe of my favorite character, The Mighty Thor and the second is the huge cross over event “The Avengers vs The X-Men.” It is an exciting time to be a comic book collector and fan. Thank you Marvel for making my dreams come true.

Olympic Hockey

I am a passionate hockey fan and even though the NHL is a greta source for hockey, I also enjoy the Olympic Hockey experience. Even before the pros became involved I remember watching Todd Hlushko patrolling the wings for Team Canada in the Olympics. I know there are some people who dislike the Olympic and everything they stand for but I feel they are valid. I will focus just on the Olympic Hockey topic as it is one that is in flux right now with the NHL not wanting to suspend their season to allow players to compete. I will not give my opinion on this until the blog but I will look at both sides and present each case. Then at the end I will give my opinion and again…it is MY opinion.


As many know, I am a huge video gamer and I own an Xbox 360 and have for this generation of consoles. I am also,as are many Xbox owners, a lover of the Halo series of games. I am currently in possession of Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, Halo Reach and Halo Wars. I am waiting for the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition as I type this to arrive to me via mail. Halo is more than the story of Master Chief  and is about the story of the human race under assault from a terrifying force of aliens. It is a story that has been around before most of us were even born but the Halo series puts you right in the middle of the battle and draws you in. There has been rumors of a Halo movie and I would go first day it opens.

So there is a small peek at some fo the ideas floating around in my head. Feel privileged as I do not allow people in my head to see what I am thinking often.


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  1. Robin Nylund says:

    Thanks for using my custom KISS Monster album art 😀 Really appreciate it 🙂

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