Good Music Is Always Exciting To Find…..

I am a fan of music. I know that is a very simple statement to make but it is also very true. There are a lot of good bands out there that do not have the exposure to have their name as well known as it should be in the world. I kind of see bands fall into a few different levels of exposure. You have your bands like KISS, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Slipknot and bands that are household names. You then have your bands that are huge all over the world but do not seem to get the break in North America such as Nightwish, Lordi, Tarot and some others that just can’t find the success over here that they do over seas. Then the last category are the bands who have a unique style and sound but can not get the exposure to get their name out there as much as they deserve to.

I am not saying that these bands are not successful, that is not what I mean at all. The point I am trying to make is that there are some great bands out there, with some fantastic music that just doesn’t get the recognition that they truly deserve. I am only a single Canadian father in a small town but I do love music and these bands enough to try to spread their name to anyone I can. What do I gain out of this you ask? As long as one new person listens to these bands and becomes a fan, that is all I am seeking.

So, let’s take a look at the bands I want to highlight for this rant and who knows, maybe you will write me and thank me later!

Free Spirit

Coming to us from the fantastic music scene in Finland is the little known band Free Spirit. The band is a throwback to the 1980’s and early 1990’s hard rock sound but they also have songs in their catalog that contain a flavoring of of Celtic and folk music as well. The band has a dedicated but small following of fans but it is very hard to get their music over here. I have tried to find their cds on eBay but it is the first time I have had no luck with importing music. My first exposure to the band was when I downloaded their songs from the Rock Band Network for Rock Band 3. I was hooked with the song “Far Away From Heaven” and purchased each of the songs that was made available. if you want to listen to a band that will make you think you have time warped back to the 1980’s, give Free Spirit a listen. The songs I recommend are: “Far Away From Heaven,” “Pale Sister Of Light,” “Until The Night” or “Preacher Man.” All fantastic songs. Here is the only video I can find for Preacher Man which is one amazing song:


This is a band that I have been discovering about very slowly. I first heard their song “Hero” in a WWE wrestling game for the Xbox 360 and I was hooked right away. The sound does sound fairly common except for one thing, when the drummer of the band sings. Jenn Ledger has an amazing voice and it compliments John Cooper’s really well. The band is a Christian rock band but there is no trace of it in their newer releases. I am not against Christian rock or anything like that but the lyrics are not pushing religion on to their listeners, Skillet allows you to enjoy the music you are listening to. Their music shares a message of hope and there is nothing wrong with that. This is a band that may be held back by the fact that they are a Christian rock band and that is a shame as it may limit the audience that will listen to them. This is a band that has potential to be huge and I want to see them get there. The songs to check out from them are “Hero,” “Awake And Alive,” “Monster,” and “Yours To Hold.”

Chamber Of Echoes

This is a band that I am still exploring as we speak. I do have the keyboard player, Jeffrey Myers, as a friend on Facebook and have spoke to  lead singer Klaryssa Korolenkov over Facebook as well on a few occassions. Chamber Of Echoes is something different on the music scene and you can tell that right away by the look of the band. They have a hybrid style of music that incorporates Industrial, Ethereal, Goth genres as well as alternative pop-rock sound. They are a band that works very hard when writing their music, recording it and also when they play it live for an audience. I am a vocal supporter of Chamber Of Echoes and think they offer a sound and visual that is not like anything else in the industry today. They just need some exposure and to get their name out there a little bit more. I guess that is part of the reason I am writing about them. Due to having just an EP released at this time as well as still working on their first full length album, youtube had a very very small pool of songs to check out: “Asylum” and “Esoteric.”


I really dig Halestorm and I have been lucky to acquire their live cd/dvd combo from eBay. They are a Pennsylvania band that has a great sound and a very hard rock/metal style that makes you take notice right away. The mind blowing vocals of Lzzy Hale just add to the great sound of the band. They are a real throw back to the 1980’s hard rock scene as well. The strength of the band is the vocals of Lzzy and the massive sounding drums coming from her brother Arejay Hale. This band is on the cusp of breaking through, as their foot is in the door. The appearance of Corey Taylor of Slipknot / Stone Sour fame to jam on a few songs got people’s attention and their foot in the door. They are poised to kick it down and I hope they do with authority to announce themselves to the music scene. Halestorm are the real deal and are the complete package. They have the strong songs, the very photogenic lead singer and the stage presence to put on a great show. I would hit up the following songs by the band: “Innocence,” “Better Sorry Than Safe,” “Familiar Taste Of Poison,” and their cover of Heart’s “All I Wanna Do.”

So there we go, a handful of bands that I am really loving right now and all different from each other. I can honestly say that since I started listening to music as a kid, I have always got into a lot of different bands and genres. I love music. My taste is diverse and varies due to mood really but I love bands like KISS, Nightwish, Bon Jovi, Lordi, Motley Crue, Alter Bridge, Skillet, Slipknot, Metallica, Chamber Of Echoes and Halestorm. There is nothing wrong with that, as I really think it is a good thing to expand your horizons and go outside your comfort zone. People are missing some really great music out there and it is a shame.


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  1. sami says:

    Hi Jason!

    Thank you for your kind words! Here are some links to Free Spirit stuff.

    Mailorder record shop selling ‘Pale Sister of Light’ CD:

    Music video of ‘Until the Night:’



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