The Monster Is Coming……….

The month of June 2012 is expected to be a huge month for fans of KISS, otherwise known as The KISS Army. It is during that month that KISS is slated to release their newest studio album titled “Monster.” The positive sales and reviews of Sonic Boom probably swayed Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley to record a new album and I am very glad that they did. I was an unofficial salesman for Sonic Boom and was responsible for atleast 6 sales of the CD as I loaned my copy to friends and co-workers, who then purchased it.

Originally it was reported that KISS was only going to have 11 songs on the album but Gene Simmons spoke to the media and said that there would be 15 songs on the album. According to Gene and Paul, the entire band had a hand in writing all 15 songs together but this is something that KISS has said in the past but it was not always the case. I really do hope that Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer did have input in the creative process as they both are accomplished musicians who have been in their own share of bands and would bring something different to the table.

The band also recorded the album in a different manner than  what they were used to. The process was split up into three different recording sessions from April-May, September and November. I know that there were some outside influences that impacted the decision to do this such as the band touring in June and July and Paul had surgery on his vocal cords in October. So the 3 part process may have been out of necessity but I think it would have allowed the guys a chance to step away from the album, clear their head and then go back at it with a fresh perspective.

As a long time KISS fan and someone who is sitting on 99 KISS/KISS Related cds, you may be wondering what I may be hoping or expecting in regards to the new album. I will do you one better and post what I wish for but also what I ultimately think we will get, as I think that there may be some things I want to see lacking when the album hits shelves.

What I Want:

– A new ballad from KISS. I know that the band hyped that there were no filler songs or ballads on Sonic Boom and that it was straight ahead rock, but I think Eric Singer’s voice would produce an amazing ballad that would be guaranteed to gain the band radio play and a sure hit. If you look at KISS’s two highest charting hits of all time it was Beth and Forever, both ballads.

– I want to hear Tommy Thayer establish his own sound on this album. I think Tommy’s solos on Sonic Boom were great but they still sounded like something Ace would have written. This may have been by design by Gene and Paul or just Tommy getting into the entire “Space Man” vibe but I want to hear Tommy develop his own sound. I ultimately hope that Gene and Paul allow this to happen as well.

– The return of the snarling, growling Demon that Gene Simmons was on the Destroyer, Creatures Of The Night and Revenge albums. The tracks Gene had on Sonic Boom were largely very “meh” to me. The songs did not stand out as much as some of Gene’s past work. I do not know what was the cause but I want Gene to return to his roots and his vintage sound.

– New costumes that are not similar to those worn in the past. Now I know that the band is aging but I felt really disappointed when KISS hyoed new costumes for the Sonic Boom tour and all they wore were modified versions of the Destroyer costumes from 1975. I really would like to see them develop something fresh and new but also something that “feels” like KISS.

What I Think We Will Get:

– A very Gene and Paul -centric album song wise. I know that they are truly what KISS is as Eric and Tommy are just employees, but I want to hear the singing duties spread around a little bit more. Eric Singer has one of the most underrated voices in music today and I would love to hear him have some more time to show it.

– I think we will get another rehash of stage costumes and if it has to be that way I wouldn’t be surprised to see it be a toned down version of the Dynasty costumes from 1979. With the album and tour hyped by Gene as “huge,” I could see KISS dipping back into their larger Dynasty costumes.

– More substandard singing on “meh” songs by Gene. I hate to think that this will happen again but the last time Gene really had killer songs were on Revenge with “Unholy” and “Domino.” I just have a gut feeling that Paul’s songs will once again be the strength of the album and the songs by Tommy and Eric will be solid as well.


So that is my thoughts on Monster by KISS. Expect more KISS blogs to come, especially when I look at the failure of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame to induct KISS.



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