The Avengers VS The X-Men

So in April,  Marvel is promoting a very cool 12 issue mini series that I am sure will have fans split down the middle. The two biggest Super Hero teams in Marvel Comics are The Avengers and The X-Men. Both teams have had massive rosters, a lot of turnover in their ranks, some characters in the Marvel Universe are a member of both teams, both groups have had major events happen within the pages of their comic books.

How will this all play out? Which side will Wolverine and Beast be on as they are both card carrying members of both teams at this current time? Who will be made to look strong and who will be made to look weak? Will Deadpool arrive to side with the X-Men? Will a seemingly returning Thor have a huge impact in the battle as the world currently forgets that he exists?

The most anticipated thing for me is the return of Thor. He was killed after fulfilling the prophecy of dying at the hands of The Serpent but as he was laying in his funeral pyre, a wound he sustained earlier surged with energy and Thor was gone. In his place stood the Celtic God Tanarus, that we later found out was the old Asgardian villain Ulik in disguise thanks to the magics of Karnilla. As I stated earlier, no one currently remembers Thor and believe that it was Tanarus all along, well no one but one. Thor’s brother (and usual foe) Loki is the only one who knows that something is not right and believes that Tanarus is not his brother. He and the Silver Surfer found an old walking cane and when Surfer tapped it on the ground it turned into Thor’s hammer Mjolnir but as according to Odin’s enchantment, no one can lift it unless they are worthy.

It appears Thor will be back by this event and will be paired off with one of the few mutants who can control the weather, just as Thor does, and it will be an interesting battle but one Thor should in easily. You see, Storm does command the weather like Thor but The Thunder God also has immense super strength, centuries of battle experience, is trained in unarmed combat and well… a God. There is no way Storm shoud win in a battle with Thor.

I will say Marvel is pulling out all the big guns on this one with most of their top creators on board and I am very excited to see that the pencils of Olivier Coipel is working on the event. I always thought the great Walt Simonson was my favorite Thor artist but I must say that Mr. Coipel is just phenomenal and I always enjoy the way he draws Thor. There is a sense of power and nobility in the way his Thor looks and it just makes him so imposing.

I have already contacted my comic book dealer Remi to book this event for me. I am hoping for big things from the event and the return of my favorite Thunder God. Who do I believe will win? Well I think there will not be a clear cut winner but both sides will have individuals who have their moments of glory but I do think with The Avengers movie dropping the month after issue 1, we will see Captain America, Thor and Iron Man have a huge hand in the outcome.


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