Happy Imaginaerum Day!!!!!

The new CD is here!!

Anyone who has known me for any period of time, knows that I am a huge fan of Finnish metal band Nightwish. I never knew the band even existed until about 6 or 7 years ago when I was listening to an online radio station that was taking requests and someone requested the song “Wish I Had An Angel.” The song grabbed me right away as it was not like anything I have ever heard before. At the time I didn’t know that Nightwish was from Finland, but I knew that they were foreign. I have been a fan ever since and own all of there cds and some of their CD singles. Nightwish opened a new world of music to me as it introduced me to Tarot, Delain, Pain, Northern Kings and Epica.

Today is a very special day for Nightwish fans as it is the release date of the new Nightwish cd ” Imaginaerum” in the majority of the world. Europe had the CD drop last week and I took the opportunity to pre-order mine through a seller on eBay so I would have a copy of the 2 CD special edition. According to the seller, it was shipped yesterday so I should be receiving it next week with an exclusive poster. In honor of the cd dropping I thought I would dhare my top 10 Nightwish songs, including youtube videos of each, and also the complete Nightwish collection that I own.


The song that started it all. I love this song so much and on more than one level. Whether it is the guita riffs, the amazing vocal performance given by Marco to support the female vocals by Tarja / Anette or the catchy beat. I love this song and this song is what Nightwish is to me and the song I use to sell the band to other people.


The song is off of the first CD with Anette Olzon as the lead singer and I love it almost as much as my #1 choice. It is similar to that song in a away I guess but the lyrics in this song is the key. It is pretty much a good bye letter from band founder and keyboard player Tuomas Holopainen  to former lead singer Tarja Turunen. It is an emotional song if you look at it from that perspective.


I would stack this ballad up against any ballad in music. It is that strong and that powerful a song. The song has two actual recording and two separate videos. The video I found for it has the old audio recording bu the new video. I am a huge viking history and mythology buff so the video appeals to me in that sense along but the song is


This is  the second song I ever heard from Nightwish as I was researching the band on youtube and found this performance from The End Of An Era DVD. The song was so heavy to me for the vocals that Tarja supplied and it was an intoxicating combination. I knew at this point that I was hooked on this band and I wanted more.


As you can tell, I really enjoy Marco’s vocals on any Nightwish song. Whether it is a duet with Tarja or later Anette, I love the way his voice sounds and really enjoy the way it meshes with the female vocals in the band. This song is a little out there lyric wise but the vocals have made it one of my most listened to songs in the catalogue.


The second single off of Anette’s debut CD with the band, Amaranth has a very intriguing video that has one hell of a heavy sound track to it. I first heard the song as a demo called “Reach” in which Marco sang the entire song as the band was still seeking a new lead singer. The lyrics of the verses and chorus has changed a bit but it is still a kick ass song.

7 – NEMO

This is a sentimental favorite of mine as it is kind of a surprise song. The piano part of the beginning of the song leads you into a false sense of security and then once the instruments kick in, it just hits you over the head. Tarja’s vocals are haunting on this track and the video is another masterpiece of interesting visuals as only Nightwish can do.

Even though this wasn’t technically a Nightwish song, the band does perform it and have released it on one of their compilation CDs. The song was written by Tuomas for a Finnish movie and Marco and Jukka both participated in the song with Marco obviously singing the song. Since 3/5’s of the band contributed to the creation of the song, it only makes sense that it is played by the band live from time to time.


This song took a while to grow on me as I really wanted to like it as it is one of the few songs Tuomas did not write in the band’s history. Marco wrote the song and sings lead vocals and it is a departure from the traditional metal sound of the band more of a folkish tune. I will say that I do love the song and it did eventually grow on me, especially the powerful vocals at the end of Anette and Marco in unison.

I really like the first single off of the new CD. It feels almost like a continuation of the previous CD “Dark Passion Play.” What I really like about this video is the energy and enjoyment that Anette is demonstrating throughout. She really looks like she is at ease with her role in the band now and is going to enjoy the ride. This is great as I feel she will really make the role her own and finally shelf the Tarja comparisons with this CD.

Here is my current Nightwish CD and DVD collection. I have all the studio albums but am missing only a few of the CD singles but I want to grab them as I can find them for a decent price.



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