I Am A Nord……….I Am Skyrim……….

So there was a certain gift under my tree at Christmas, one that I was not sure I would enjoy and one I was really dreading. WHat could this present have been? Well, the game that everyone seems to be playing. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. You are probably thinking, “Why would you dread playing this game?” I am going to explain that and give my thoughts on the game for the small amount of time that I have put into the game.

First though I do have to address the dread eh? The main reason why I was dreading this game was that I was fearful that even though it is a great game, it was not my cup of tea. I have Fallout 3 and was told that it was similar in scope to that and I did not enjoy Fallout 3 as much as I thought I should have. It had an interesting enough story and I have never played a game like it before, as it was my first in the series, but something about it just didn’t click with me. I was very lucky to have bought it from my brother for 10.00 when his original Xbox 360 died from the red ring of death.

So I bit the bullet the other day after owning the game for about a week and popped it into my Xbox 360. You were thrown into the story right away and saw an attempted beheading by Imperials on those they deemed deserved it and also saw a dragon right away. The graphics are beautiful. My mother’s boyfriend dropped by and asked what movie I was watching as he said that it looked very real to him.

Not MY Nord but a Nord none the less

I chose to be a Nord mostly because I always gravitate to the human class in these fantasy type of games but also because they are heavily influenced by the Vikings. They drink mead, worship multiple Gods, love battle and look like them. Remember that I am a huge Thor, mythology and history buff as well. SOLD!

The initial game that saw me buy a home in Riverwood felt like Fallout 3 to me, in that I am now drawn into the game like I should be. Like I really want to be. Again, I can’t figure out why but there is no connection to me. A friend of mine stated that maybe I was not the gamer I used to be but I do not think that is it. I just do not think I found “it” yet. What is it? I don’t know and won’t know until I find it.

I have played for maybe a half hour here and there, progressing through the story and building up my character but he just didn’t feel like “my” character for some reason. Then “it” happened and happened in a big way.

The other day I was playing the game and started to work my way through a Dwarven ruin with my housecarl (sidekick) Lydia and I felt a surge of excitement as I brandished my two handed warhammer against wave after wave of enemies. After collecting a huge amount of Dwarven metal, I melted it down at a blacksmith shop, fashioned it into two suits of Dwarven armor for Lydia and I, bought a new house in Riften and got married to a lady in the town of Whiterun who I helped open a shop.

All of these things finally allowed me to become involved in the game, my character and the world he “lives” in. Working for the metals to craft my own armor made me get into the game. I also found my favorite thing to do in this game. Oh my how I love it. I love going to the king/queen (in game speak it is Jarl) of a town/city and asking for work. They give out bounties on Bandits that are causing trouble in the area. To me, there is nothing more fun and rewarding than running into the Bandit’s base and tearing them up. The kill animations with the two handed Dwarven sword I crafted are fun and I will admit I will sit back and admire them as I cut my way through those unlucky enough to be on my bounty.

I was lost in Skyrim the other day for over 3 hours, which is the longest I have sat in a gaming session of nay kind for a long time. It was fun, it was involving and it was exactly what I was hoping it would be.


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