First Ever Hodge Podge Post

Usually when I want to write a blog, I want a universal theme that runs through the entire piece. It allows me to flesh out an idea that I have had simmering in the back of my mind for awhile and see it develop. I have had a dilemma the last few days though. I have been sick with the flu the last week or so and have not been able to focus long enough to write a decent sized article on one topic, so I decided to do something different in my first real blog of 2012, and that is to write about a variety of topics. If I enjoy doing this, I may do it every once in awhile.

So I am going to do a blog about 5 different topics and state my feelings or ideas on them and we will go from there. Yes, some of these may have already been written about before or may be written about more in depth in the future, but this will atleast allow the creative juices to start flowing.


So as I was browsing the internet today I saw that Paul Stanley had posted a video message on about the new upcoming  KISS cd that is going to titled “Monster.” The video is rather short and does not really give a lot of information but Paul and Tommy Thayer do state that the album will be a great album.

Now I know that the band is going to say that of course but after the release of their last album, I do expect the album to be a very solid effort. Their last album “Sonic Boom,” was a good album but I felt that the tracks that Gene had vocals on were a little flat to me. They didn’t have the growl and punch that some of his other songs and that is what the album needs. It also needs a few more tracks with lead vocals from Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer. Bother had sang a song each on “Sonic Boom” and the songs were really good and I think that KISS will be a stronger band with more input from it’s other members.

I am very excited about a new KISS cd and can not believe that they are still churning them out.

............damn it..............

I have no idea what the hell happened in  Alberta last night when Team Canada met Team Russia in the World Junior Championships. It almost seems like Team Canada always has to get behind the eight ball against Team Russia and relies on a dramatic comeback to get the win. It is almost like they need to feel the desperation of losing to kick it into the next gear and start raising their game.

As a proud Canadian I am very disappointed in the results and the play of the team and was hoping to see the boys win the Gold Medal on home soil. I am not sure who or what is to blame but I do know that Scott Wedgewood could not be blamed for all the goals that were scored on him last night. Half of them were either shots that were deflected off of his defensemen or he was crashed into by the Russians. All we can do is buck up and get over it.

Break The Walls Down.......

I am a casual wrestling fan. I still follow wrestling but mostly by reading the tv show and Pay Per View results from WWE and TNA. I was intrigued by the mysterious videos that have been playing on WWE broadcasts. They hinted at someone returning to take back what was rightfully their’s and stated that the second day of 2012 would be the day that it happens.

Well the return has happened and it is none other than “Y2J” Chris Jericho. The surprising thing is that Jericho was a heel for the most part of his last tenure with the company and was perfect in that role. When he returned he displayed his “face” tendencies such as slapping the hands of the fans and rallying them on to cheer for him. It was really over the top, well actually, it was TOO over the top. I have read that people are thinking Y2j was “trolling” the fans and I agree. I think he was working hard to be an over the top good guy to get the fans to turn on him and they did. If anything, Jericho knows how to work the fans and a Jericho vs Punk feud is money.

Earth's Mightiest Heroes

This new teaser poster for one of the most anticipated movies in years has me very, very excited. Marvel is doing something that no other comic book or entertainment company has done before and that is place many of their individual movie properties into one movie to create a “super” movie franchise. This movie will redefine what we will expect from movie franchises going forward and will put tremendous pressure on to DC Comics to try to shoe horn together a Justice League movie.

Marvel was extremely smart as it left small teasers in each of their movies, either during the movie, after the credits rolled or both, to show that all these characters exist in the same movie universe. Cameos and the dropping of names solidified the  Marvel movie-verse and had fans excited that they were attempting to go forward with an Avengers movie.

I can not stress how excited I am for this movie. So excited in fact, that I booked a week off of work to create a huge event to see it.


In 6 days I will be sent my pre-ordered copy of the 2 disc collector’s edition of Nightwish’s new cd Imaginaerum. I have never hidden the fact that I am a HUGE Nightwish fan and have had all their albums imported in from their home country of Finland, Norway, Germany and Romania. The first disc is the album and the second disc is the album but in instrumental form with no vocals. They did this for their last album Dark Passion Play as well, and yes I bought that edition too.

There is no doubt in my mind that Nightwish will deliver a top notch and fantastic album as Tuomas Holopainen always has a terrific vision for the band’s songs. He writes almost all of the songs and has a great sense of the theme of the album and also the strengths and weaknesses of each of the band’s members. I just read that the band will shoot a video for each of their songs that will then be edited into a single movie. This really has me intrigued how it will all play out, but one thing is for sure… copy of Imaginaerum will be on the way soon!


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