A New Year….State Of The Blog Address…

This is a short “State Of The Blog” address that I thought I would write for anyone who is interested and I truly hope that some of you are. The past year saw me implement this place to “Random Rant” and I never thought I would have the material, inspiration and reader base that I do. I am truly blessed to have people who look forward to read what my twisted mind has to say.

Here are some random stats from the first year of this little blog of mine’s existence. Thus far I have had a total of 2791 all time views of my writing. The most traffic I have had in one day at this site was 70 views on November 15, 2011. The top two blogs that were viewed on that day were https://jasonhuskins.wordpress.com/2011/10/28/why-i-love-deadpool/ with 32 views and https://jasonhuskins.wordpress.com/2011/10/19/lordi/ with 25 views.

The single blog with the most views all time for this blog has been the previously mentioned Deadpool blog and it is currently sitting at 908 views. Wow, that blows my mind that my little article about and insane and much hated/loved mutant has reached so many people. The Lordi blog that was second to Deadpool above is third overall as well with 218 views.  A blog I did on the “death” of Thor came in second with 225 views. https://jasonhuskins.wordpress.com/2011/10/24/and-lastly-r-i-p-thor/. So as you can see, Deadpool has as much as 5 times the views as Thor and Lordi.

There are lots of great things coming this year that I will be writing about and I want to let you know they will run the gamut from sports, comic books, movies, music, personal experiences and many other topics. The big topics I see taking alot of my time will be Marvel’s Avengers movie, DC’s The Dark Knight Rises, Nightwish’s new cd Imaginaerum  and the new KISS cd Monster. I will have blogs leading up to these events and then will also post reviews of each.

Thank you all for the viewings and for the interest!!!


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