One Of My Short Stories

**This is a fanfiction. All rights and copyrights of The Mighty Thor, characters and places belong to Marvel Comics**

The Migthy Thor was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.


By Jason Huskins

He could feel their eyes burning into his back in anticipation of what was to come. Squinting, he tried to pierce the veil of ash and smoke that rolled in over the horizon from the valley below them. Their morale and more importantly their fate, fell on his shoulders. Looking to the heavens he smirked as a cool rain cascaded to the soft earth at his feet. As a brisk wind from the west caused his dark red cape to lick at the air around him, he could hear the murmurs of the men and women that waited for the call. Turning to them slowly, he removed his silver wing tipped helmet and cradled it under his left arm as he raised his right hand for silence, as the men stopped their conversations and kneeled before him.

“This day my fellow Asgardians,” his deep voice boomed like thunder  he comands”We stand united against a threat most dangerous to the Golden Realm. I will not speak mis-truths as there will be those who fall. So I will not look down upon any who wish to fall back to Asgard and seek it’s comfort and safety.”

Even though he gazed intensely into the eyes of his troops, there was a warmth that was noticeable even during these desperate times. As the wind blew more harsh, he slowly reach up and brushed his long, golden locks away from his face. Lowering his hand, he made a fist and laid his arm over his chest with his hand resting firmly over his heart. The men around him raised to their full height and did the same gesture as they watched him intently.

“This day we make a stand united, brothers in arms. Although we have been pushed to the brink of exhaustion and madness….NOW WE PUSH BACK!” he bellowed as the men broke into a loud cheer “Surtur may have raised a legion from the pits of hel itself but the All-Father Odin has given his sons and daughters, the brave souls of Asgard, his confidence to battle these demons at our doorstep. So this day will be remembered for all eternity. It will be remembered for this battle, for those who have given their lives and for the bravery that flows through the souls of each and everyone of you. “

The sounds of war echoed throughout the land as the son of Odin slowly placed his helmet back on his head, his gaze low. Screams of death from the brave men and women of Asgard who fought valiantly in the valley below them did not sway their confidence, as he was there to lead them. He turned his back to them and watched his people battle bravely.

“Fight til you can not raise your sword. Battle til you feel the strength leave your body,” said The Prince as his voice was barely audible over the chaos of the battle “FOR ODIN!!!!!! FOR ASGARD!!!!!!”

The group of warriors erupted in boisterous chants to match the God Of Thunder as he reached for his uru metal hammer named Mjolnir. The leather wrapped handle was held in a vice like grip as he used it to beckon them all into the fray. They all ran forward with their weapons drawn to meet the enemy head on.

The demons laughed hysterically as they saw the brave men and women enter the battle. Their eyes were alive with the sight of destruction, their noses were swimming in the stench of death and their tongues flicked about their lips in anticipation of the chance to stain their hands with even more blood. The largest of the demon warriors threw his arms in the air and growled loudly, as he tossed the broken body of a brave warrior of to his left.

A verse of clanging of swords rang out, as screams of pain and death added a dreadful chorus of woe to the soundtrack that is a terrible war. Thor swung his mighty hammer with such force that he thought that surely he ripped his arm from it’s socket. The heavy thud of Mjolnir striking true brought a smile to his face, even though he knew that he could not falter.

The larger demon easily cut his way through the brave souls who tried to impede him. As he delivered a killing to blow to an older warrior, he felt something brush past him in the air. Out of the corner of his eye he caught that it was one of his own minions that was hurdling into a mountainside. Growling loudly, he traced back the path and saw the one he desired to break both mentally and physically.

Barreling forward, he waited until his adversary was turned away from him and landed a strong blow to the right shoulder that caused him to drop his hammer. The demon chuckled in joy as the Prince grasped his right arm and spun about quickly. Noticing who landed the blow he took a step back. His chain mail armor absorbed the brunt of the blow but pain shot through his arm never the less.

”Odinson………” growled the demon ”Without your hammer… are powerless….hmmmnn….I shall enjoy….stripping the flesh from your bones….when you fall…..Asgard falls….”

The demon licked his lips in anticipation as he moved forward, stalking his prey. Swinging the sword down, he tried to cut the feet out from beneath Thor, but dodging to the right the Son Of Odin avoided the strike. Without warning though the demon landed a solid left hand blow to the jaw that knocked the young man down. Standing over him, the demon prepared for the killing strike.

“Now…Odinson….now you die….” Growled the evil creature “I have waited for this day….my master….the powerful Surtur….gave me this privilege….to take back your head…and your uru hammer….these trophies…. would only be trumped … the head of Odin himself…..then father and son…..would spend eternity burning….”

As the demon unleashed his ferocious attack, the young man held up an outstretched hand and the demon watched in amazement as Mjolnir flew into his grasp. A metallic clang rang out as the sword struck the head of the hammer and deflected to the left, which put the demon off balance.

“Thou speak of my head vile vermin?” asked Thor as he stood to his full six foot eight height “You come to the Golden Realm, to Asgard itself and think your shall be triumphant? Nay, not this day. Not while Thor still lives and breathes. Prepare thyself for a war tyrant. For if thou seeks entrance into Asgard…I SAY THEE NAY!!!”

With a feverish assault that would go down into the annals of Asgardian lore, The Mighty Thor landed a blow to the knee of the demon with his hammer that landed with a sickening, cracking noise.

The demon dropped to one knee and screamed out in pain. In a panicked defense, the monster swung his sword at Thor. In a split second, he tossed his hammer away from himself and using the palms of his hands, caught the blade between them.

Thor smirked at the demon chosen to end his life as Mjolnir whistled through the air and struck the blade of the sword half way between the hilt and the place where Thor had trapped the blade. He reached to the sky as the hammer returned to it’s master as Thor landed a heavy punch to the head of the demon with his left hand.

“Thou art crippled monster,” said Thor as he grabbed the demon by the neck.

His breathing ragged and filled with pain, the demon could barely speak. Thor held him high and let loose a warrior’s cry that caused the battles around him to cease. All those turned their attention to the two leaders of this battle awestruck at what they saw.

“It ends now,” said Thor as the skies above the turned dark with heavy rainclouds “Now you will know I am the God Of Thunder.”

Thunder crackled throughout the kingdom as lightning started to play tag with the soil below. The large bolts landed about the area where they stood. Raising Mjolnor above his head, lightning struck the hammer and enveloped the two as screams from the monster filled the air.

Smoke billowed from the spot where they stood and the warriors who followed them into battle waited to see what had happened. As a strong wind blew in and parted the smoke, The Mighty Thor emerged from the smoke dragging the charred carcass of the one who opposed him. Dropping it off to his side, he watched as the demons dropped their weapons and ran to the shelter and safety of the nearby forest.

As the Asgardians were about to give chase, Thor held up his hand and beckoned for them to stop. He raised Mjolnir above his head for silence and scanned the faces of his friends as they looked on at their prince.

“We have claimed victory today but my friends….there is no honor in hunting down broken foes,” said Thor “Let them lick their wounds and let them reflect on this day. Let them remember the bitter taste of your steel. Let them try to slumber when all they will see is your face in their dreams and let them regret the day they dare lay siege on Asgard. Let us return home and celebrate in drink and food. TO ASGARD!”



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