I Have Tried Them All….Most Of Them Anyway….

Something I have never really spoke about before has been my history as a cell phone user. I have been with Telus Wireless, Rogers Wirelessand I am currently with Koodo mobile. I started out as a simple and basic user who preferred a flip phone more than a bar shaped phone. This suited me for awhile but then I witnessed all the new and shiny internet driven phones that hit the market and I was intrigued. So I took the dive.

With Rogers the very first internet phone I purchased was an Iphone when they were originally released in Canada. It was fun and I really bought into the touch screen innovation but I had issues with the device and it ended up giving me so much trouble that I was given a Blackberry Curve by Rogers as compensation.

So this started my experience with the “other” internet phone that was on the market at the time. It was as different from the Iphone as English is different to French, in that even though they had many different features, it still was close enough that the transition between them was pretty easy. I loved the Blackberry and never had any issues with it at all. I kept the Blackberry until I was offered a trade for the device. A co-worker offered me his new HTC Dream for the Blackberry.

The HTC Dream was the first Android phone carried by Rogers and the best way I can describe the phone is, it was a combination of the Iphone and the Blackberry but in a much clunkier way. The Dream had a touchscreen but also had a slide out keyboard but I found the touchscreen was not as responsive as the Iphone and I am NOT a fan of slide out keyboards at all. The phone had some promising features and the Android market was very open minded to developers but I knew the phone and Rogers was not for me. The service in my home town was atrocious and I never had more than half a bar of service at all times. Calls constantly dropped, so I switched carriers.

So I want to say I love Koodo. There is no contract and a percentage of your monthly payment is siphoned off towards the cost of a new phone. The average cost per phone is 200.00 but if you bank enough from your monthly siphon, you can get it at a much reduced rate or free. I have had nothing but stellar service but Koodo does not have the variety of phones as the other carriers. They do however have a Blackberry. I have never been happier with a phone than I have my Blackberry as it just seems to be the most consistent device and it also allows me to type easier. Touchscreen phones are bad for me as I suffer from the terrible condition “Fat Finger Disease.” The protrusion of the keys allows for a much easier time for me.

So I guess I am a happy Koodo customer and a happy Blackberry customer!


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