eBay….A Collector’s Best Friend…

I am a collector by nature. It is not something I do, no…it is who I am. Whether it is adding to my KISS and KISS related CD/DVD collection, my Nightwish CD collection, my movie collection, my XBox 360 video game collection or my comic book collection….I am a collector. It is tough to be a collector however when you live in such a small town as I do. Liverpool, Nova Scotia does not present many opportunities to add to my collection…well except in frustration.

Many years ago I discovered the answer to my issues. One word. eBay. I am a very frugal eBayer. There are very few items I will purchase at a price of more than 20.00. I will sit back and wait until the item I want drops in price and then I will casually stalk it until I am able to snag it for a price I deem is fair.

For example, I have been wanting a B;ackberry from Koodo for the past year but to buy it from them directly would have been too costly. So I have been watching the phone for the past 12 months on eBay. The device will usually peak at around 60.00 to 80.00 for a second hand device and well over 100.00 for a new one. So I was completely shocked when an auction ended and I won the device for 26.00. See is where I think I excel at eBay. I will place the lowest bid I can on an item that appears to be neglected by those wanting it. They are usually so caught up in driving up the price of the same item in another auction and will not look for another that may be had for cheaper.

I have been upgrading my DVD collection to Blu Ray over the past few months and have been able to snag new blu ray movies for less than 10.00 with shipping included. I will admit that part of the fun is the hunt of the elusive item and the thrill of winning it for the price you had in your head. Gotta love eBay!


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