Through Hellfire And Brimestone…..Good God It’s………….

Anyone who knows me, knows that I was a HUGE wrestling fan when I was in high school. Since that time I have become very much a casual fan who doesn’t watch so much anymore, but I still do follow the WWE and TNA. Instead of watching on TV or buying Pay Per Views, I instead now read the reviews of the tv shows and PPV spectacles but I still purchase the wrestling video games annually.

During the heyday of professional wrestling I watched 5 weekly television shows. On Monday night I watched WWF Raw and WCW Nitro, on Thursday I watched WWF Smackdown and WCW Thunder and on Friday’s I watched ECW. I had one favorite wrestlerin each organization. In WCW it was Sting, ECW it was Raven and the WWF it was Kane. I also was a huge Bret Hart fan but Bret was going through the “Screw Job” Odyssey and it wore thin on me.

I am not going to sit here and re-hash Kane’s history but instead I want to talk about what drew me to the character. Kane had an aura of a monster that was evil because of what happened to him as a child. He could not speak and wore a mask and a costume that covered every inch of his body but his left arm. Glenn Jacobs has played the character since inception and was able to relay Kane’s feelings with just his mannerisms and moves, something that is not easy to do.

As Kane’s tenure in the WWF, and as it has been rebranded WWE, his look and character changed to keep it fresh. He has been a bad guy or “heel” and also a good guy or “face” countless times and is able to garner the proper reaction no matter what side he is on. Kane was one of my favorite wrestlers for many reasons. His look back when he debuted was unique and it caught my attention right away. He also had very simple motivation at the beginning. He wanted to cause chaos and wreak carnage on anyone he wanted. It was a very simple and very effective story device. As well, Kane was a sympathetic character as he was lashing out due to his past.

Now that I look at these old pictures I also realize another reason I may have liked the character so much. He has always had my two favorite colors, red and black in his costumes from day one no matter what the outfit. When Kane lost the hair and mask I became more and more disinterested. It is true that the manipulative and psychotic aspects of the character were more focused on and developed but Kane lost his aura of mystery and of being a monster.

I was browsing the internet a few weeks ago and there was a video hyping Kane, who has been absent from TV for awhile, and it showed his last open mouth mask that he wore before he took it off. I became intrigued at the thought that maybe, just maybe, Kane would return to the WWE with the mask and hopefully hair to follow. Here is the link to the video that aired on WWE Raw: . The mask that is shown burning is the last mask Kane had worn in the ring. Here is a picture of him in it from 2002.

Will I see the return of the character I was so invested with about 17 years ago? It is possible and if I do, I may be inclined to tune into WWE wrestling just to see how the character will be reinvented one more time.


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