My All Star Band…..

So I am sitting here listening to a random playlist of my MP# collection on my computer and it made me think a little bit. What would be my dream band. We all think about it from time to time but what musicians would we choose to make up our very own “All-Star Band.” This is something that I have put some thought to from time to time over the years but never felt that I had the perfect line-up for me …until now.

I did choose a musician for each position that is in the band and chose a male and female vocalist even thought there are some people who are more than capable of singing that would be playing instruments. I did think it was only right to include a vocalist as it’s own position.


Well there is no chance of this happening as Eric passed away back in 1991 but I still think that he is not just one of the most underrated drummers of all time but also one of the best ever. He inspired the likes of Tommy Lee and brought such a heavy edge to KISS in the early 1980’s when they were in a desperate need of it. Eric also possessed one of the best voices in rock and roll. The man could sing like nobody’s business and also taught hmself how to play guitar and bass guitar. In my mind, he was the most talented member KISS ever had and any dream band I put together would not be complete without Eric Carr. (Eric recorded this song and played drums, bass and sang. Former KISS guitarist dubbed the guitars in after Eric’s death)


Known more for his time as one time Motley Crue vocalist, something that Corabi brings to the table besides an amazing rock n roll voice is that he is a talented guitar player. Currently he is employed in RATT as a second guitarist and I used that to slot him into the same position here. Even though fans and the record label did not like him as the voice of The Crue, John is a gifted singer and the vocals he performed for his own band, Union, (along with ex-KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick) were amazing. Another very underrated rock n roller.


When it came down to keyboards it was between two people. Enary formerly of the band Lordi and Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish. I decided to go with Enary as I wanted a female presence in the band and Enary also is a fantastic keyboard player. I have a thing for bands that have a theatrical stage show and as you can see, Lordi does have that and by extension of that….so did Enary. She is actually quite a beautiful woman and is very talented. It has nothing to do with her almost bouncing out of her costume when she is headbanging to the heavy metal she plays….I swear!


When it came to bass it came down to three people: Gene Simmons, Nikki Sixx and Marco. I went with my heart, as Marco is my favorite musician. He has the perfect metal voice and can play a bass guitar like very few in the business today. Marco is active in two bands from Finland, Nightwish and Tarot. He is one of the people in the band who could sing full time and I would be very happy with that as he will sing back up/supporting vocals in Nightwish and lead vocals in Tarot. Marco can also play guitar and can sing anything from a screaming heavy metal anthem to a soft ballad. He would make any band I put together.


The former lead guitarist of Axl Rose’s re-imagined Guns N Roses line up in the early 2000’s, Buckethead is one of the most talented and amazing guitarist’s in music. He wears a plain Harlequin mask, a KFC bucket on his head and sometimes a yellow rain slicker. Known mostly for the super hard track “Jordan” that was featured in Guitar Hero, Buckethead has been crafting some of the most unique and poetic guitar driven songs in music. He will churn out multiple solo albums in one year and will pull you in even though the majority will not have lyrics.


Halestorm is a band that snuck up on me and my god am I ever glad that it did! Lzzy (pronounced Lizzy) possesses maybe the best female rock and roll voice I have heard in over 20 years. The woman can really belt out hard rock songs like nobody’s business. The band is a throw back to when bands rocked hard and left no prisoners and I love it. Check out her vocals at 2:05 to 2:12 of the video. Beautiful and dynamic. Lzzy is on the verge of breaking out with Halestorm and I hope to see it soon, they are a band I will gladly share with the world as their music needs to be heard to believe.


This one was a tough one with many, many candidates that included Axl Rose, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper and James Hetfield. However, I decided to go with one of the most versatile voices in music today. Corey Taylor seems to be the tale of two vocalists. You can hear him scream out metal songs with reckless abandon with songs like “Pyschosocial” by Slipknot but can also sing ballads and rock songs with the best of them, as he does with Stone Sour. Corey is a multi-talented singer who is lumped in with others who are believed to be just yelling lyrics but do yourself a favor and click the link I post here to hear him singing one of the most amazing and beautiful songs.


So there you have it. A band that features some of my favorite minds and talents in music and one that if you look at the pictures and videos are full of theatrical elements as well. I believe music is not just to be enjoyed by hearing. No my friends, it should stimulate all your senses. To me a good performer and a good concert is more than just standing and singing songs, you want to be entertained and these performers strive for that.

Who would make up your All-Star Band???


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