He’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!

I can not believe it today at all. It seems like a dream. Yesterday when I was surfing the web, bored as usual, I saw the Pittsburgh Penguins official web site post that Sidney Crosby has been confirmed to return tonight to the team’s line up against the New York Islanders. This is GREAT news!!! The team is tied for first place in their division and has been one of the NHL’s top teams this season with Evgeni Malkin, Jordan Staal, James Neal and Marc-Andre Fleury leading the way and staying the course until the Captain could return from concussion symptoms after taking two hits to the head in back to back games last January.

When he was injured and forced to sit on the sidelines last year, Sidney Crosby was the best player in the world ….by a mile. He was dominating the game and pulling the often injured Penguins behind him. It appeared that Sidney had achieved “the next level” that we often hear sports reporters talking about. He looked like a man playing amongst boys.

I am not foolish and do not expect him to dominate tonight when he steps on to the ice, I am looking for him to have a successful game in other ways. For his return to be a success I think he needs to take things slowly, he doesn’t need to play 25+ minutes. Dan Bylsma has such a could grasp on his players and is such a great coach that I expect him to play Sid a decent amount of time but to have a close eye on him. I think he needs to be put in situations to build himself up, such as no killing penalties but power play duty is fine. I also think he needs to channel the frustration he felt all this time and use that fire to drive himself.

I can not say how excited I am except for one phrase….to my fellow Penguin fans MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


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