Rock Band Wish List Revised!

I know a few months ago I did a wish list of music from bands that I would love to see made possible either by the Developers or through The Rock Band Network. Well I wanted to narrow my scope down a little and focus on a few certain bands at this time. This will allow me to flesh out my current musical cravings and flesh out the song I would want in each DLC pack. Now remember that these are songs I want, some may agree and other may not.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a huge KISS fanatic. I know that Rock Band has already posted some of their songs already. KISS is represented in Rock Band by: Deuce, 100 000 Years, Parasite, Calling Dr. Love, Detroit Rock City, Strutter and Rock N Roll All Nite. I want to see an expanded range of KISS songs from the entire existence of the band. Make it a 10 song pack. The songs I would choose arre:

I Was Made For Loving You

Modern Day Deliah

Lick It Up

Black Diamond

Heaven’s On Fire


Shout It Out Loud


Love Gun

God Of Thunder

Lordi has one song in the Rock Band song catalogue with their huge hit Hard Rock Hallejuah. I would love to see a 6 song Lordi pack that features some of their other massive hits. This would as well span more than one album for the metal horror band from Finland. Here are the songs I want to see:

Would You Love A Monsterman

Blood Red Sandman

Devil Is A Loser

It Snows In Hell

Get Heavy

Who’s Your Daddy

I love Halestrom. It is simple. They are an amazing band which really taps into the glorious yester years of 1980’s rock/metal and I thank them for it. They have a fresh sound that really blows away 95% of what people are doing in the music scene in today’s age. They would get a small 3 song pack to introduce them to the owners of Rock Band across the world.


Better Sorry Than Safe

Familiar Taste Of Poison

Nightwish is perhaps the greatest band in the world that is not as well known in North America. They have had some membership changes over the years but the band has one of the most amazing sounds I have ever heard. A Nightwish 10 song pack is very doable and is exactly what I would advise.

Wish I Had An Angel

Bye Bye Beautiful


Over The Hills And Far Away

Planet Hell

Dead To The World


Sleeping Sun


The Islander

The bassist for Nightwish also has a band that he started with his brother named Tarot. Marco Hietala is the bass player and main vocalist for this amazing heavy metal band. Tarot is currently on hiatus, according to Marco himself during a streaming interview online, so what better way to honor them than with a 3 song pack.

Pyre Of  Gods

Ashes To The Stars

I Walk Forever


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