To Tweet Or Not To Tweet….

So I used to have a twitter account but through a comedy of errors, someone hacking my account and using it to spam my followers with money scam schemes, and the novelty of reading celebrity musings…I became bored with it. I do not know why. I consider myself a veteran of the online social networking world. In my lifetime I have had or still currently have a Myspace page, a Facebook page, a Google + page and a Twitter page.

So today I wanted to participate in the IGN and THQ joint online streaming of the Q and A for WWE 12 but the entire Q and A was being routed through Twitter, so I knew what I needed to do. I had to kick the hackers to the curb and reclaim my Twitter and MY FREEDOM!!!! So I forced a reset of my password, updated my picture, tweaked my profile and started tweeting the first meaningful tweets from my account in over 2 years.

I had done it……I took back what was mine!!!! If you wish to follow me, feel free at @huskins69


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