My Home Town….

I am from a small town and no matter how much I have tried to pull away of it or move to a place to Charlottetown, PEI…I always come home. I do like the small town vibe but I do miss the opportunities that cities and other larger areas offer, I have been doing a lot of reflecting of late and felt the need to write a little note about the little town that I am from.

There is really no replacing the feeling you get when you grow up in a small town. The sense of closeness and safety that a small town offers can not be replicated in a larger setting no matter how much you try. I remember growing up in Liverpool and we had a lot more opportunity than is present at this time. There were multiple grocery stores such as Sobeys, IGA and No Frills. We were lucky to have three department stores in Peoples, The Met and Stedmans and also boasted multiple hardware stores with Canadian Tire, Home Hardware and Throne’s Hardware.

My little town is in a bad way right now. You see, businesses in town have been closing up rather quickly as of late and with the fire that gravely impacted White Point Beach Lodge yesterday and the constant rumors of the Bowater Mill closing down, it does not appear to be getting any better anytime sooner.

My heart goes out to those directly impacted by the terrible changes that have been happening and of course, we are all indirectly impacted I am afraid. My little town is dying a slow death and it saddens me greatly. What is in store for Liverpool, Nova Scotia? I am not sure….and I also do not know if I will here to see it as the recent loss of business may drive me elsewhere.


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