Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Season 2

So I am a mixture of emotions right now as I just picked up the second 2 DVD set of Season one and now own the entire first season of The Avengers – Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. I am debating if I want to review the first season after watching it again and I may do that but I am just going to rant about season 2 today.

The second season was supposed to start the week of October 20th to coincide with the release of the second half of season one being released to stores. However, there has been no sign of it thus far. Here in Canada, you can watch the show on our cartoon network called Teletoon and they have had no information concerning the show. I have searched Youtube, as I watched the majority of season one online, and have found nothing but previews. Marvel has not released any real update other than one fan on Youtube said that it was pushed back until 2012. Boo!!!

I am very excited for Season 2 for the previews hinted at some major stories,  a few character cameos and costume changes. We know that Doom, The Skrulls, The Fantastic Four, The Kree, The Vision, The Falcon and Ms Marvel will all be showing up in the show. The season also dictates the return of Ultron, The Masters Of Evil and hopefully Loki.

I am really excited for the change to Thor’s costume. I never had an issue with the original Thor costume that was created by Jack Kirby but it was just too “super hero-y” for a Norse God for me. I mean I do not want to sound like I am bashing the classic look, but I wanted something that was geared more towards myth, than Superman, and when Olivier Coipel came up with the current Thor costume I was hooked right away.

I was extremely excited to see that Coipel’s vision of Thor would be brought to the series! Now I will admit that black is my favorite color, so to see Thor in his black tunic and chain mail armor was met with great enthusiasm on my part. The costume just gives Thor more “weight” in what he brings to the team. He looks like a God among men and not just another super powered person in spandex.

Bring on Season 2 ….MAKE MINE MARVEL!!!!


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