National Novel Writing Month

So I am browsing Facebook today and I see a friend post something about National Novel Writing Month. There is a website where you can register and track your progress (that you can access here: .)

This is an interesting endeavor and one that I am debating on taking up as I like to write and maybe with a strict time lime of 30 days, it may motivate me to actually get on the horse again and see this through to the very end.

I am not sure if many of you know or not that I have an issue of completing large pieces of work when I start writing them. It is not that I become bored of the piece but it is almost like I have it comes to fruition in my head and I achieve the ending of the story, I find it difficult to finish writing it out as I already know the ending and want to work on my next project.

This has happened with many stories that I have started, and I can count on one hand how many stories that have lasted past 500 words I have completed in full.

I think another issue is I need to choose a topic that I am passionate about. I do have some original characters and stories I want to share with the world but I also have ideas for pre-existing characters that I want to see come to light.

Maybe I need to plan on doing two projects at one time. Start an original novel based on my own ideas and then also have maybe a Thor novel ongoing at the same time so that I can flip back and forth between both projects so I do not grow tired of working on one after finishing it in my head.

This would also allow me to create ideas that if do not work for one novel could work for the other one. I do not know if anyone else has this issue but I will run into really good ideas that I try to shoehorn into a context that does not fit in theme or theory but I want to use it for something. I usually forget these story points fairly soon afterwards as I do not have another project ongoing to try it in but this may solve that issue.

So my two ideas are something I will need to figure out. I am debating on a Thor novel based on the Surtur Saga and an original story based on a character of my own design. Someone I have been writing about and evolving since my days of creating him for a e-fed wrestling website back in the late 1990’s when the internet was new to Liverpool.

What ideas will you be writing about??


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