Movie Review: DARK FLOORS

Tonight is Hallowe’en and since Lavinia is in PEI for the holiday I decided to do something special here at home. I purchased a horror/thriller/suspense film off of eBay featuring one of my favorite bands, Lordi. I will not try to fool anyone, this is a “B” Level movie and does not contain any really big stars outside of the band itself.

I do not know how to go about formatting this review to make it easy to read so I figure I will just go about this in a random or loose format. The small cast that were are introduced to do fill the usual “stereotypical” character components that always seem to be present in the genre. You have the heroic lead in Ben (Noah Huntley,) the beautiful lead Emily (Dominique McElligot,) the bad ass Rick (Leon Herbert,) the asshole Jon (William Hope,) the creepy old guy who knows what is going on Tobias (Ronald Pickup,) and the catalyst for the film Sarah (Skye Bennett.) The villains of the film are played by Mr. Lordi, Lady Awa, Ox, Kita and Amen.

The acting in the movie was better than it really should have been. The band played their roles well as they were really just playing an exaggerated version of their stage personas. The actors that made up the group that we would become emotionally invested in did a decent job as well. There was some real chemistry with Ben and Emily, as you could feel a romantic tension build throughout the entire movie. You rooted for the good guys and rooted against the bad guys, which is ultimately want you want to accomplish when you make a movie.

The special effects were about what you would expect from this type of film. I was very surprised that the band basically just wore their stage costumes and had very little CGI touch up at all. However, the best special effects in the entire film were definitely Lady Awa’s CGI interpretation of a banshee spirit. The CGI looked very sharp and really gave her an edge that I was worried her character would not have as the other members of the band have very imposing costumes that translated well on their own.

This was not a movie that was about gore, as it was more of a thriller/suspense film. You do see some nasty cuts, some blood, a heart ripped out of a chest but that is about it. You see the aftermath of the monsters and have to use your imagination to try to see what they did to their victims. I do like that the movie did have a few twists that legitimately surprised me and I was shocked when the first one happened, to the point that I said to my brother “Oh hell, that is ——-.” Sorry, not gonna spoil this one at all people.

The pacing of the movie was really good as it had a slow build but when it started to ramp up, it did briskly but not at a hindrance to the movie. It never felt rushed to me and it leaves you feeling like you were able to experience everything that the director and the screenplay writer wanted you to. It really had a “Silent Hill” type of vibe to the sets and it really set the tone for the film.

The DVD does contain more extras than I anticipate that it would. The features contain 2 music videos from Lordi “Hard Rock Hallejuah” and “Would You Love A Monsterman.” There was also the world premiere announcement of the movie with the cast and the band. It was interlaced with live performances of Lordi. My favorite extra was the “Behind The Scenes” section which has a segment with Skye Bennett where she shows her drawings of the band and of the cast. It is a really cute and cool moment.

My Final Rating: 7.0 / 10


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