So as I am sitting here watching a terrible movie, Mimic 2, on AMC’S Fear Fest Hallowe’en Movie Marathon and listening to the pouring rain outside, I said to myself “Self, you make a damn good cup of coffee and also….what can you write about to blog about Hallowe’en?” Sipping my coffee and watching a giant cockroach try to kill people, I decided maybe I should write about myself.

This caused me to reflect on the many different things I have dressed as over the years for Hallowe’en. As a kid I remember dressing as a Smurf, Santa Claus (I love mixing Holidays together!) making my own Ghostbusters costume (which was epic fail) and dressing as a zombie one year, As an adult however, I had alot more fun creating costume ideas.

Just a few years ago I decided to dress up at the call center I worked at for Hallowe’en. It was a last ditch effort for me to try to keep my sanity at that job, as I knew I was burned out from call center work as I had been doing it for a long time at that point. So I decided I wanted to dress up as a pirate as I could purchase Pirate themed items at Dollar stores but my favorite part was my beard. I grew a full beard and then trimmed it to a thinner looker beard. Taking inspiration from Paul Teutel Sr from American Chopper, I shaved the soul patch portion and fashioned myself a real beardstache.

I have a tie for my favorite costume though as I had come up with two great ideas, two years in a row. First, I spent over a year making my own Gene Simmons costume. I made my own dragon boots using an old pair of sneakers that I hand crafted each individual scale by hand. If I remember correctly it was close to 500 of them. I created my own spiked shoulder pads, bought a wig and even used a wig and a pair of scissors to get the right hair style. The Coup d’ Gras though was 8 inch rubber tongue extension I bought. It was terrible tasting and took me almost 4 weeks to attach to my tongue without wretching. My friend Troy dressed as Paul Stanley and did my make up. I used to have a full body pic but can not find it, so here is a cropped version.

The other costume was pro wrestler Sting from his 1997 run in WCW and his feud against the nWo. My friend Dave dressed as Holly Hulk Hogan and created a world title. I then used my old trench coat, bought a wing, took some white fabric paint and painted the scorpion on my shirt, bought a wig that I sheared shorter, bought a plastic black baseball bat and did my own make up. My favorite part of this costume was I was able to fashioned an elastic band inside on the trench coat on the waist. Sting used to tuck an aluminum bast on the inside of his trench coat, so I found a way to mimic it.


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