Why I Love Deadpool

I have always been a huge fan of a few different types of comic book characters. They are all very different in their looks, origins, powers and personalities by far. I think I would have to list my top 5 heroes as 1) Thor  2) Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley)  3) Batman  4) Wolverine and  5) Spawn. Each is very powerful in their own unique way and each brings something completely different to the table when they are being written into a story.

One of the characters that I have been enjoying more and more over the past few years is one I never thought I would ever enjoy. I always thought he was too silly, too annoying, too campy and way too over the top. However, as I read more and more of his adventures I began to do something I rarely ever do when I read a comic book. I started to laugh out loud and not only was I laughing out loud, I was laughing out loud so badly that I was brought to tears. That character is Deadpool.

Deadpool or also known as Wade Wilson, was created by Marvel as a tongue in cheek spoof of DC’s deadly assassin Deathstroke or as he is known Slade Wilson. At first the character was  a straight forward character but then Marvel started to make him very outrageous and over the top. Deadpool was a very interesting character, even though he has been used a humor device more often than not in his existence. One of the stranger and more funny aspects that he possesses is that he has an inner monologue with himself. But wait, but not just one inner monologue with himself. Nope, Deadpool has TWO ongoing monologues with himself.

He also breaks the 4th wall constantly. You see, Deadpool is the only character in the Marvel Universe who knows he is in a comic book. He will react to other characters about not seeing them since “Issue 121” or whatever he chooses to reference. The other characters just write him off as crazy and annoying. He is a skilled assassin that is sometimes held back by his own insanity and I love it. The best interactions you will ever see Deadpool in are with either Wolverine or the X-Men.

I do think the best partner Deadpool has ever had though is his disembodied zombie head from another dimension. Deadpool realized that he could not have a zombie head named Deadpool around as well, so he re-named him Headpool. Deadpool and Headpool then went to other dimensions are rounded up a 5 person team of Deadpools known as The Deadpool Corps. There was Deadpool, Headpool, Lady Deadpool, Kid Deadpool and Dog Deadpool. As ridiculous as it all sounds, it was some of the funniest stories I have ever read.

If you are looking for a senseless and fun read that will have you shaking your head and laughing out loud then you need to pick up a comic with Deadpool in it. You have to remember that Deadpool knows he is in a comic book and he will sure as hell remind you of that fact.


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