Where Is The Truth

I am not one for “reality” television usually. I do not enjoy Survivor, Big Brother or shows of that ilk. I have always leaned more to wards shows like Dog The Bounty Hunter, Billy The Exterminator, Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State and one of my favorite shows, Destination Truth.

The host of the show is the charismatic Josh Gates. Josh is always back every season but he will usually rotate the rest of his crew with exception of his camera man Gabe. Destination Truth is a show about a team of people who go off around the world to investigate myths and legends from various countries. Most times they do come back to the United States empty handed but there are the rare occassions that Josh and his crew do find tidbits of fact among the fiction.

What really makes the show enjoyable to me is not just the creatures or myths that they are investigating but also the personality and humor of Josh Gates himself. I find the man extremely funny and his quips and mannerisms always have me laughing out loud as I watch the show. Is it a true “reality” show or more of a staged “reality” show? Of this I am not sure but I do know one thing it is….it is always on my television at 3pm Atlantic Time.


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