R.I.P. Alpha Flight

I previously wrote a blog about the return of Canada’s super hero team here: https://jasonhuskins.wordpress.com/2011/09/11/alphaflight/ . I was so excited that the 8 issue mini series was picked up by Marvel to become a monthly title. I used to buy the comic sporadically back in the 1980’s as it was tough to find in Liverpool, Nova Scotia but I thought the Guardian had one of the best costumes in comics. His look was what originally drew me to the comic. It was even hard for me to find Thor in town, and I had to pick up issues in Bridgewater or in Halifax when I got that far.

The comic has been through four previous volumes and this will be the second mini series. Alpha Flight is a tough book to get into if you are not Canadian or can’t appreciate the fact that Canada has it’s own team. The team was ravaged by the villainous force known as The Collective. Many of the original members were killed, except Sasquatch, who went on to recruit a new team. This fourth volume was cancelled after 12 issues.

During Marvel’s Civil War event Tony Stark, the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D., decided that the USA needed to help establish a liason group in Canada and Omega Flight was born. The team consisted of Michael Pointer (who dressed as The Guardian,) The US Agent, Arachne, Beta Ray Bill, Talismen and Sasquatch. The team is quickly disbanded after the 5 issue mini series in which the finale sees Beta Ray Bill sacrifice himself to eternally (or so we thought) battle fire demons in another realm.

The newest volume of Alpha Flight has so much promise. The creative team of  Pak and Van Lente really seemed to hit their stride with the book when Marvel announced that the series would be down sized from the monthly series to the original 8 issue mini series as already intended. I had this book on my pull and am very upset that I will not be reading about their adventures going forward.


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