I will admit that I was never a fan of the original Bucky Barnes character back when he was Captain America’s sidekick in World War II. He always came off to me as a poor man’s Robin and well….the costume was terrible. I know we all think Dick Grayson’s original Robin costume was pretty bad but I truly believe Bucky’s was worse.

I really and truly can not put into words how terrible this truly is. The most important aspect that Bucky originally brought to the Marvel Universe was the anger and guilt Captain America felt for losing his partner. He had a difficult time trying to come to terms with Bucky losing his life and his surviving the blast.

What Cap didn’t know was that Bucky was frozen in ice just as he was but he did lose his left arm in the explosion. The Russian government found Bucky and revived him. As he is revived, he suffers brain damage with amnesia as a result of the explosion and is programmed to be a Russian assassin, code named “The Winter Solider.” The Russians attached a bionic arm that was constantly upgraded as the technology evolved.  Inbetween missions, Bucky was kept in cryogenic stasis to keep his from aging more than a few years.

When Steve Rogers was killed during the after math of Civil War, Bucky gave up the Winter Solider identity and took up the mantle and shield of Captain America and this is where to me, he truly shone. He brought an edge and no nonsense attitude to Captain America that I found intriguing and breathed new life into the Star Spangled Avenger. Bucky was the man in the Captain America suit when Marvel’s “Big 3” of Thor, Iron Man and Captain America were re-united to battle the Skrulls in Secret Invasion.

During the Marvel event “Fear Itself,” Bucky was fighting as Asgardian powered Sinn, who was the daughter of the original Captain America’s foe….the Red Skull. Sinn ripped off Bucky’s bionic left arm and created a hole in his chest the size of a baseketball. The last words that Bucky said before he died was “Tell Thor….tell Cap…The Serpent…is coming……”

Yes Bucky was supposed to have died before and yes he will probably be revived and killed again at some point but the one thing he will not be is Captain America. Steve Rogers is now entrenched in the role for a long tme due to his solo movie success and the upcoming Avengers film. Many will not miss him as they will see him as a second rate Captain America…but not me….I will miss you Bucky….


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