Would You Love A Monsterman????

I have always had an attraction to bands and performers who use theatrics in their stage show and overall look. The bands that come to mind are KISS, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Slipknot and Motley Crue. This past year I have been lucky to add another band to that list. I have found that Rock Band 3 has enabled me to sample music from their Rock Band Network that I normally would not have exposure too. You see, before I buy a DLC song, I find the song on youtube and preview it. I want to make sure that I will like the song before buying it.

One of those bands were Finland’s own Lordi. The above picture is Lordi circa 2003. The members of the band at this time were Mr. Lordi on vocals, Amen the mummy on guitar, Kalma the skull zombie on bass guitar, Enary the seducttress (I have a crush on her) on keyboards and Kita the alien on drums. Lordi has a distinct sound as it is combination of Heavy Metal with a light taste of techno mixed in. The band has gone through a few line up changes.

This photo of Lordi is circa 2006. This line up consisted of Mr. Lordi on vocals, Amen the mummy on guitar, Kita the alien on drums, Ox on bass guitar and Lady Awa on keyboards. It was during this era that Lordi had their most success. Amid much dispute, they were chosen to represent Finland at the Eurovision competiton and eventually won. During this televised event, they set the record for most votes ever cast in the history of the program. They would have their biggest hit with the anthematic “Hard Rock Hallejuah” that was the song that won the Eurovision contest.

The above picture is the most recent incarnation of the band. It was taken within the past year. The currrent line-up is Mr. Lordi on vocals, Amen the mummy on guitar, Ox on bass guitar, Lady Awa on keyboards and Otus on drums. The band has been not as prominent in the metal scene the last few years but are still putting out albums. They are a band that thrives on putting on a show and you can easily see the influence of KISS that they say are who they wanted to be like.

Interested in checking out Lordi for yourself? Here is the bands discography:

Bend Over And Pray The Lord 1999

Get Heavy 2002

The Monsterican Dream 2004

The Arockalypse 2006

Deadache 2008

Babez For Breakfast 2010


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