Thankful for………….

Well since it is Thanksgiving here in Canada today, I figured I would make a list of things I am very thankful for in the past year. These will not be in any particular order and people may think that some are trivial and they will not agree or understand my choices. To those people I say…go make your own blog about what you are thankful for.

Lavinia – I am very thankful to have such a gifted and beautiful little girl. I am going through a difficult transition with her being in PEI for the school year but I am getting through it. She was just home this past weekend for the first time since she left and I felt whole and complete again. No matter what I do in my life, no matter what I complete….Lavinia will be my greatest accomplishment and the one I am most proud of. Daddy loves you Beenie.

Make Mine Marvel – This past year I was extremely lucky and happy to see my favorite comic book character not just make it to the big screen but thrive on it. Going to see Thor with my sister Krista and her friend Cherry was one of my top highlights since I saw KISS in concert in 2009. Sitting in the Imax and seeing my comic book hero in 3D was just amazing. We then returned to the scene of the crime for Captain America in 3D with the same crew and again it was amazing. Marvel is ramping up for The Avengers and I could not be happier! May 4, 2012 is already circled on my calendar!

Lavinia + Me + Halifax – In August I took my first vacation with Lavinia and we spent a week in Halifax with my sister Krista. It was one of the best weeks in my life. I was able to spend some quality time with my sisters and Lavinia was able to get to know them better as well. We got to do a lot of cool things and enjoy the Busker Festival! Lavinia got to spend time with her cousins Jayden and Cian, as well as got to meet Cherry and her son Roman for the first time.

Music! – This has been a great year for me musically. I have the news of a possible KISSology 4 dvd set, new KISS studio album called Monster, new Nightwish album Imaginaerum, discovered Lordi and Free Spirit for the first time and I also opened my musical palette even more as the bands from overseas were introduced to me.

Remi @ Comic Hunter – In New Brunswick there is a man named Remi that ships me a monthly comic pull every few months. This amazing person has been able to keep my Thor appetite quenched and allows me a way to secure the books at not just a reasonable price but also allows me to change the pull list as I see fit.

The Winnipeg Jets – To sit through the Jets moving originally was tough but getting to see them return to the NHL has been nothing short of fantastic. It brings hockey back to a market where it NEVER should have left, and takes it away from a market that never should have had it (Atlanta.) This allows Canada to add another team to the NHL and gives hope to the city and province of Quebec that Les Nordiques will one day return to the NHL as well.

Flower Power – With the Pittsburgh Penguins losing Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin for the majority of the season last season, I am thankful for the emergence and continued development of Marc-Andre Fleury. He was the one constant that allowed the Penguins to not just stay in the game but also win games and finish with over 100 points. Fleury should have been not just a Vezina nominee but also a Hart Memorial nominee as NHL MVP.


So there is it. I know that people will ask what about good health and thing of that nature. Of course I am thankful for that but that is kind of obvious. I wanted to go a little past the norm.


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