Am I Starting To Despise Batman?!?!?!

So I am sitting here on Thanksgiving Monday, waiting for my little girl to text me and tell me that she made it safely to Prince Edward Island and I happen across The Dark Knight on Showcase. It has been awhile since I sat down and watched this movie and it did not take me long to remember why I enjoyed it so much. The portrayal of The Joker by the late, great Heath Ledger. I have never witnessed so a completely mesmerizing performance of a villain, that also led me to root for the bad guy for the entire film!

However, as I am sitting here I began to realize how my feelings about The Batman has changed since I was a child. I think I am beginning to hate the character. It never really dawned on me until I was voting for the top comic book hero at Comic Book Resources website after the Thor movie hit the theatres and did much better than anyone had anticipated.

During this contect, fans would vote for the character that they felt would best the other. On one side of the bracket was The Batman vs The Batman. Yes, you read that right. This was going on at the time that Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson both claimed the cape and cowl as their own. In the other bracket was DC’s golden boy Superman and Marvel’s lone character left standing, The Mighty Thor.

With Bruce taking out the “new” Batman and Thor easily defeating Superman, we had a showdown that pitted A god against a man whose reader’s swears he is a god. To the great dismay of the DC Universe, The Batman fell to Thor by a 57 to 43 margin in votes. DC fans were outraged and demanded that it was not possible. That Bruce Wayne would have devised and I quote “1001 ways to kill a god!!!”

Seriously? A mortal man would have devised a way to kill a god that has been in larger scales battle than Batman for thousands and thousands of years? A warrior born who controls the elements, would fear a man? Not possible. I used to love Batman. Alot, but of late I am growing weary of the “Chuck Norris” syndrome of the character. The Batman was a great character when he was dark, tormented and seeking justice. The DC and Batman fan base have actually turned me off the character. Almost completely.

Will I go see The Dark Knight Rises? I may in theatre or just wait for the Blu Ray release. I love the Nolan movies, so there may be hope for me as a Batman fan yet I suppose.


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