The Winnipeg Jets

Well, I have kept my opinion to how I feel about the Winnipeg Jets returning to the NHL this season, that is, until now. I want to go on the record and say that I am extremely excited to have the Jets back in the National Hockey league. It is good for a few reasons. #1 – it is very good to have another Canadian team back in the league. We need MORE Canadian teams Mr. Bettman, not more teams in markets they are doomed to fail… aka potentially Las Vegas. #2 – There is a sense of fixing a major mistake by the NHL. In my opinion, Winnipeg and Quebec should never have been moved to US markets to begin with. The return of the Jets rights one of the two wrongs and it also signals hope in Quebec City that Les Nordiques will return sooner rather than later and #3 – it takes a young team from a very terrible hockey market to a market that is starved for the game. The players will go from playing in front of 1000 fans per game to playing in front out of a sell out, rabid crowd.

Now on to the logo. I am not a huge fan of the logo. I know True North wanted to put their own stamp on “their” Jets but the logo is too “corporate” for me. Now I could have gotten past that if the third jersey was a throw back jersey to the classic Jets look and the above logo. Instead we get a very pedestrian written “Jets” logo in the same vein of the Ottawa Senators “Sens” logo. Instead of the ownership group throwing the fans in Manitoba a bone, they kicked a little dirt in their teeth. The new look is growing on me but I would prefer a different logo than these two.

Now THIS is my favorite logo for the Winnipeg Jets and the one I would have loved to have seen re-instated for the return of the team to the NHL. It is also just not the logo, but I loved the brightness of the colors and the way the logo looked on the jersey. I would have also liked to see the Jets reach out to Teemu Selanne and try to get him to come back for his possible final NHL season. It would have been nice to see the “Finnish Flash” snap one more goal over the glove hand of a goalie and then watching him celebrate while throwing his glove in the air and shooting it out of the air with his stick.

I can not see how you can not root for the Jets this season. It is the feel good story of the National Hockey League and I know I will be cheering them on….well…until they play my Penguins!


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