The Nova Scotia Noise!

I love music. Anyone who knows me, knows that this is 155.9% true (what a great number eh?) I love listening to music , watching music videos and playing music video games. Now I own a lot of music games. Which ones? Well Guitar Hero II, Guitar Hero III, Guitar Hero Smash Hits, Guitar Hero Metallica, Guitar Hero Van Halen, Band Hero, Rockband, Rockband II, AC/DC Rockband, Rockband Country Pack II, Rockband Green Day and Rockband III.

Every game that I have played in the musical genre, I always make the same character and his name is Dredd. It wasn’t until the last few years that I gave Dredd more of a purpose in his video game musical career. He is the lead singer (and sometimes, guitarist, bass player and drummer….depending on my mood) for the band known as The Nova Scotia Noise. I personally love the name and logo, and use it in every version of the band I have made. Whether it was Rock Band  or Guitar Hero, The Noise was making….well…Noise!

My current favorite songs to sing (as singing is still my fav way to play the game) are: Hard Rock Hallejuah by Lordi, Roc N Roll All Nite – KISS, Snuff – Slipknot, Crazy Train – Ozzy, Otherside – Red Hot Chili Peppers, We Weren’t Born To Follow – Bon Jovi, The Way You Move – Since October, Higher – Creed. Talk Dirty To Me – Poison and Far Away From Heaven by Free Spirit.

Have I forgotten some of my favorite songs? Oh, I am sure I did. So if you have an Xbox 360 and want to rock out with me, add huskins69.


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