More Than Meets The Eye……….

When I was growing up I was infatuated with one thing very much. One thing was always on my mind and was always on my wish list and no guys it was not a nice girl with a nice rack….that is what I am infatuated with now! The thing was The Transformers. As a kid I was hooked on the cartoon show, the comic book by Marvel Comics and of course those wonderful toys.

I had many favorites over the years but if you asked me to name the one Autobot and the one Decepticon that were my favorites I would have an answer ready for you in no time. I have had many characters as favs throughout my life as a Transformers fan. Some of the ones I really liked were Hot Rod, Prowl, Thrust, Soundwave, Tracks, Ultra Magnus and Megatron. But when it comes down to who are my favorites from each faction of all time….I have to go with:

The Leader of the heroic Autobots, Optimus Prime, is my favorite Autobot of all time. I know that probably 95% of Transformers fans will probably have the same answer but it is true. Prime was one of the coolest characters in the comic and show , and was one of the best made Transformers toys.

The top two moments I remember about Optimus Prime are rather quite simple for me. The first one is the first time I took him out of his box. The toy had a combination of metal and plastic but it just looked majestic. When you transformed him for the very first time, it was a very easy transformation for a kid to handle.

The second moment that will resonate with me will be when I sat in the movie theatre and watched my hero die. Now before this moment, Transformers never died. On the television show they just disappeared for periods of time and if they did get damaged, were usually up and running smoothly by the end of the show. Not this time. I remember that I broke down into tears as I watched Prime turn grey and his spark go out.

I am probably one of very few who’s favorite Decepticon and favorite Transformer over-all is Galvatron, and not Leonard Nimoy’s Galvatron…no way….I love Frank Welker’s crazy ass Galvatron. As we all know, Galvatron was the refurbished and powered up Megatron, thanks to Unicron.

I will say right now I never, ever owned Galvatron in any form as a toy and it is a huge travesty to me. I am still checking eBay for an affordable toy to put on my shelf with my Thor figures. I did hold Galvatron though. I had a friend who moved away shortly after the movie came out. We were really close and as his going away present I bought him Galvatron. I was able to hold the toy once before I went home and it is the closest I ever came to owning one.

My favorite Galvatron moment is not just one moment but the majority of his actions. I love his insanity. Galvatron was such a great adversary as you could not predict what he would do one moment to the next. I loved seeing him open fire on his own troops, or be admitted to an insane asylum planet in the episode “Web World,” or when he had a moment of clarity and called a truce with the newly revived Optimus Prime after the red spores almost destroyed the world.

So there you have it. Galvatron is the king of my Transformers mountain but who are your favorites and why???


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