My Thor 2………

Well, there has sure been a lot of Thor 2 news and rumors hitting the world in the last few days. It appears that right now Patty Jenkins is the front runner to take over the directing reigns to the sequel to everyone’s favorite deity. The news has been met with much disdain by the Thor fans around the world but I am in a wait and see mode. Her body of work includes the feature film “Monster” and the TV series “Arrested Development,” “Entourage,” and “The Killing.” There is no reason to panic yet people, as a good story is more of a concern to me. I want to share my thoughts on what I want to see happen with Thor 2.

There first place we need to start is at the beginning and that beginning is the possible title. I detest “Thor 2” and think that Marvel needs to follow the naming format used by DC for their Batman franchise. We have “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight.” Not “Batman” and “Batman 2.” If I were to name this second film I would name it “The Mighty Thor” or “The God Of Thunder” or even “Thor – The Twilight Sword.”

Now you are probably thinking “Why the Twilight Sword Jason?” Well, that is easy my friends! As the second thing I would do is adapt Walt Simonson’s amazing story arc from his run on Thor “The Surtur Saga.” In this story arc, the fire demon Surtur wanted to rest his weapon, known as the Twilight Sword, in the eternal flame of Asgard. If he can do this, it will cause the universe to erupt into flames and burn. The story takes place on both Asgard and Earth, which would fit well in the movie universe as the first Thor movie established both really well.

Another reason I would adapt this story is that it would allow Loki to be in the movie but not be the “big, bad” villain. See we could achieve “Loki burn out” if he is again the focus of the movie as an antagonist and in this story he is not. However, he is in the story. Loki arrives to stand beside his father and brother to fight the forces of Surtur in Asgard. I loved that moment, as Loki, put aside his differences with Odin and Thor to save his home.

This story arc also featured a comic with one of the most iconic covers in the history of Thor. A battle ravaged Odin standing with Loki on his right side and Thor on his left. As they make their last stand, Odin yells “For Asgard!” Thor then yells out “For Migard!” and of course Loki follows with “For myself!” I don’t know why, but I love this one cover as it really sums up what each member of The House Of Odin is truly fighting for. It allows Loki to still be present in the movie but not as the villain that must be defeated. It would also serve to further develop the relationship between Loki and Thor, as by this point, it would really surprise Thor that Loki has returned to Asgard to assist in it’s defense.

I would also develop more of Loki’s magic and trickery that we were only briefly shown in the first movie. We saw Loki fight Thor in a one on one physical encounter, that we know Thor will win the majority of the time. Show what Loki has learned not just about his powers but himself. To me, the real wild card and wow factor of the movie would be seeing Loki, Thor and Odin fighting along side each other once again.

At this point, this is all I have. I am sure over the next months I will have more ideas but I will admit I am burned out and pretty much ready to go to bed. Leave me some of your thoughts for what you want to see.


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