Movie Conundrum ……

So I am now facing a dilemma that every new Blu Ray owner must face when they look at their DVD collection. Should I or shouldn’t I upgrade some of my existing movie collection that is on DVD to Blu Ray. I am at that spot right now and am torn. I do believe I have finally made a decision on this tough situation and yes I will upgrade SOME of the movies I own to Blu Ray,

I set about figuring out which ones to upgrade and decided that it will be a select few that get the honor. Some of the ones I have not chosen may get the upgrade at a later time but right now I am going with my favorites or ones that I just have a soft spot for in my heart. I will say that Batman Begins and The Dark Knight will not be getting the upgrade to Blu Ray right now. The reason for that is I paid alot for them in their Collector’s Edition format and am in no hurry to fork out alot of cash for those Collector’s Editions again at this time. The X-Men franchise and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man franchises are in the same boat. I am sure at a later time I will upgrade all of these but not in the near future.

Which ones made the cut you are thinking? Well here are 10 that will get the upgrade treatment!

I love The Crow and it was my favorite movie of all time until Thor was released this year. I am now looking at my top 2 favorite movies as Thor is 1(a) and The Crow is 1 (b) and I think that is a very fair assessment. The story of Eric Draven is an emotional, dark, romantic and vengeful one that for some reason speaks to me. I have the original in a DVD box set with City Of Angels and Salvation but am going to pick this one up next month on the day it drops.

I know I will get alot of flack for picking this movie and not either of Nolan’s Batman films but I can’t help it. I love The Crow. I know this movie is not a favorite of many people and to be honest we need Miramax to release a director’s cut of the film with all the footage that they removed as the butchered movie we are left with does not feel complete. I love the take on the tragedy of losing someone you love being a son this time as it is a different type of love that is driving The Crow this time.

When I was a kid growing up there were a few movies that I truly loved and remembered fondly and Ghostbusters is one of them. I own the first and second film on separate DVDs but only the first is available in Blu Ray format as of this writing. I think watching this movie in Blu Ray format would be like seeing it in the movie theatre for the first time and I am already scouring for a deal on eBay for it as I am typing this sentence.

I came to the conclusion that to properly celebrate the arrival of The Avengers next May that I need to upgrade all the movies I have of the characters involved to the Blu Ray format. This includes The Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton and I have to say I do not like The Hulk character much at all but Norton made me care about him. I wish he could reprise the role of Banner but that will not stop me from watching Big Green smash in Blu Ray.

I bought At World’s End in Blu Ray and will buy On Stranger Tides on Blu Ray so I figured it only makes sense to have The Curse Of The Black Pearl on Blu Ray as well. This is still the best of the franchise and Depp is so amazing as Captain Jack Sparrow that I actually will say I love a Disney movie, yes you read that right. I love a Disney Movie. This will also lead us to the next movie I am going to upgrade.

As with the previous movie, I do love the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies and want to have them all in Blu Ray. The first is still my favorite with each one following dipping in quality but I want to upgrade this one as well. I really do not have alot to add to this.

I love the Iron Man movie franchise and just purchased the Collector’s Edition on DVD a few months ago as I used to have the single DVD version. I want to have the same version but in Blu Ray format. As I stated previously I want to have all the movies that are related to The Avengers upgraded to Blu Ray and this is the version of Iron Man I want to have.

As with the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise, I want to upgrade the sequel as well as the original. Not a whole lot I can say about this other than I love this cover.

I love the Rocky franchise and it is one I will ALWAYS turn to for entertainment but the only movie I had owned previously to the purchase of my Blu Ray player is this one, Rocky Balboa. I did purchase the original Rocky on Blu Ray and will but the rest of the series as well but my first Rocky Blu Ray upgrade is this bad boy.

I gotta say this is one of my favorite movies. The first time I saw V For Vendetta, I was blown away by not just the visuals but also the story that was being presented. It also didn’t hurt to see Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman put on a fantastic performance in such a great film. This is one I can not wait to see in Blu Ray.


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