Dear Santa Claus……….

I know people are probably thinking that I am crazy for thinking about Christmas already but since I work in a grocery store has has a retail department for clothing and toys, I can see the Christmas items coming into the store in the next few weeks. This was driven home to me when I was in Bridgewater last night and saw Zellers setting up their fake Christmas Tree display for the Holiday Season.

So I was thinking….what do I want for Christmas this year? It is a good question and one I will wrestle with many times before Santa drops off his presents for me. What I am about to list are actual things I want and is not a “joke” list by any means. If it were possible for me to acquire each of these items I would have the best Christmas ever!!!!

As I sip my coffee on this beautiful September morning and watching “The Wrestler” on Blu Ray (another rant for another time my friends) I am thinking I will need to present a some links to where these items can be viewed and purchased in case Santa is reading (Hey Santa Claus, how you doing?) or a beautiful sugar momma decides to answer the bell.

So without further adieu, here….we…..go……

I love Halo and am very stoked to see that Microsoft and 343 Industries are giving the original Halo: Combat Evolved a make over for it’s Tenth Anniversary. I really need this Santa (as I know you are reading) as I have Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo Wars and Halo Reach, so it is only natural that I need to continue the collection before Halo 4 is released. I really love the Halo universe and Master Chief as a character so this better be in my Christmas stocking Santa.

I love The Crow. The graphic novels, the movies, the comics and the novels all hold a special place in my heart. Now I do own the original graphic novel but am really wanting this re-release of the work by James O’ Barr as it has that kick ass cover for one thing. As well, it is a special edition that has more pages than the original and hell…it is a special edition too!! This would be an amazing piece to add to my comic collection. (click the picture for a link on eBay)

I am becoming a huge Lordi fan and it is obvious by their costumes and stage show that they are heavily influenced by KISS, Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie. The visual is part of the appeal I am sure but also the music is actually top notch as well. “Beast Loose In Paradise” is actually a cd single and is not full cd but the cover is what caught my eye. If you remember in an earlier Rant, I posted that the KISS album “Creatures Of The Night” had my favorite album cover ever. Lordi are using the same format and I love it! (click the picture for a link on eBay)

As everyone knows….I am a HUGE fan of The Mighty Thor and I loved the portrayal of the character by Chris Hemsworth in the movie that was released this past May. This autographed picture is something that would look great framed on my wall. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and shows a picture of Hemsworth actually signing the piece. C’mon Santa, you know if you were in major trouble that Thor would have your back! (click the picture for a link on eBay)

I am thinking of learning bass guitar this year and I thought….”What type of bass would I want to own?” Well, anyone who knows me should know the answer by now eh? This is a Cort production of Gene Simmon’s axe bass guitar. I love this thing and think it would be awesome to be able to play it. The original bass retails at over 3000.00, so this one is for a sure a major steal for anyone who decides to pick it up for me. (click the picture for a link on eBay)

This cd is “The Holy Grail” amongst KISS fans as it is rarer than pretty much any other album in the band’s history. I have close to almost owning a few times but last minute bids on eBay drove the price to almost triple digits, which pretty much ruined my chances at owning this little slice of KISStory. I REALLY want this cd as my collection is incomplete without it Santa. Remember that KISS saved Christmas by figuring out that the Pterodactyl is afraid of loud guitars. Time to pay them back old man. (click the picture for a link on eBay)

I want my own Mjolnir. Yes, I know I have a toy movie replica that makes thunder sounds and lights up but I want an actual metal hammer and this one, which is fully endorsed by Marvel Comics, is a great replica of the comic book hammer. It has the leather grip on the handle and the inscription on the side of the hammer. I bet this beast would be a great coffee table piece that would generate many discussions when you have company over. Santa, do you realize how much power you would have if you can lift the hammer? (click the picture for a link on eBay)

This is another rare cd that I have to have. That unique looking man (yes it is a man) on the cover is former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent. I may not be a fan of the man but I am a fan of his ability and talent. Vinnie is an amazing song writer and player and this cd is one long 70 minute plus shredding sesion recorded in the studio. I have seen it listed under different names, one being “Speedball Jam,” and have come close to winning this one as well on eBay to only have a last minute bidder steal it away.  (click the picture for a link on eBay)

This is my dream car. Laugh all you want but I am serious. I fell in love with the Delorean when I watched the first “Back To The Future” back in the day. I love the look of the car, the sound of the car and the way the doors open. I would of course request to have it painted black instead of the traditional grey …man Santa that would look awesome!  I want this car Santa….please!!!!!!!!!!  (click the picture for a link on eBay)

So there it is Santa….I don’t ask for much at all but think it would be awesome to have you drop these presents off under my tree. Imagine my joy and look of wonder to see these are wrapped up and with a bow. Make it happen Santa…I believe in you Big Man!!!!


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