Thor On Blu Ray

I have just finished watching my very first movie in the Blu-Ray format and I knew from the first I heard that the movie was announced that the honor of my Blu-Ray initiation would go to Thor. To make it even sweeter, I just bought a HD LCD TV and have been waiting impatiently to truly test it and Thor was the beast to do it with.

The movie looked FANTASTIC!!! I was blown away by how much sharper and clearer than I ever imagined. The real treats to me though with having the blu ray version of the movie were definitely were the special features.

The standard DVD release only had 4 deleted scenes from the film but the Blu Ray version had 11 deleted scenes and a new trailer for season 2 of The Avengers – Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

The 11 deleted scenes would have been a great addition to the film and would have displayed some fantastic character development to some of the minor characters in the film.

The scenes contain many awesome moments such as Thor and Loki meeting up before the coronation ceremony, in which we see their relationship before it splinters later in the film. The two genuinely seem to be close as “brothers” and show a bond that we do not have the weight of in the theatrical release.

I do not want to ruin or spoil the deleted scenes and will leave them as a special treat for those who buy the Blu Ray format, and you really should, as it is a very cool treate and incentive to upgrade from the DVD format.

I am still holding out hope that Marvel will release a Director’s Cut release of the film with these scenes added in. It could also allow the film to remain intact as the theatrical release as well, so you could switch back and forth between the two different cuts of the film. I know that Kenneth Branagh stated that the film was trimmed to less than two hours purposely to maintain the flow of the movie and to keep the interest of those who may find it tough to follow the story.


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