Canada’s Heroes Have Returned!!!!

I have always been a casual fan of Canada’s own Super Hero team in the Marvel Universe, Alpha Flight. I have read a few sporadic issues due to the fact that as a child it was actually very tough for me to track down issues of the Canada’s team in the part of Canada I live in. Oh, the irony!

Alpha Flight has had membership changes over the years and has tackled many subjects that were never really touched on in comics before but the sales were never there for the team and most of the teamwere killed off  by a new villain known as “The Collective.”

in 2007, Marvel relauched a tweaked version of Alpha Flight during their Civil War event. The team was known as Omega Flight and consisted of Beta Ray Bill, U.S. Agent, Arachne, Talisman, and Michael Pointer in a suit that looks like Guardian’s uniform. Sasquatch appeared as the group’s recruiter and leader.

After this mini series ended and the team was disbanded, Alpha Flight would crop up again in the Marvel Event known as Chaos War.  The survivng members Snowbird, Aurora, Northstar and Sasquatch were reunited with Guardian, Vindicator, Shaman and Marrina Smallwood when a lot of deceased characters were returned during the event.

Marvel than announced another new mini series for Alpha Flight that would last 8 issues but sales and reviews have been so positive that is has been converted into a monthly series and only the third monthly title I have pulled along with The Mighty Thor and Journey Into Mystery.

I will not spoil issue 1 of Alpha Flight but I will tell you it was an amazing issue that had a little bit of everything in it and was actually a lot of fun to read.

The individual characters were handled marvelously (pun intended) and the dynamic of the team played out really well. Of course I enjoyed the interactions between husband and wife heroes Guardian and Vindicator (they are the ones who each have a costume that makes up the Canadian flag) more than I did the rest of the team. The issue ends on a suspenseful cliff hanger that makes you need to read issue 2.

If you are a Canadian comic book lover, I recommend buying Alpha Flight as it is OUR book and we should want it to be successful. I know I will buy it every month and enjoy every page of it!


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