After Playing The NHL 12 Demo On The 360….

I have played the NHL 12 demo on my Xbox 360 quite a bit and even though I am of course locked down to the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks, I am enjoying it immensely. EA Sports Canada for the last few years have put out maybe the best sports franchise in history with the NHL series.

I have been with EA and NHL from day one on the Sega Genesis when NHL Hockey was released in 1991. EA had only acquired the rights to the NHL and it’s teams but not the NHLPA, so no actual player names were in the game. To get around this, EA used the player’s numbers instead. The following year they had only acquired the NHLPA rights and the player names but not the NHL or it’s teams.

The next year they were able to get both parties in the game and have not looked back since. I played the NHL series on the Sega Genesis until 1996 when the series debuted on the Playstation with NHL 97 and I would continue to play the world’s greatest game on the Playstation until NHL 2001.

I purchased NHL 2001 for the PC and became a supporter of the franchise on the computer from NHL 2001 to NHL 2008. What I loved about the series on the computer was the Mod community and how they could add jersey add ons, roster packs, arena mods and other such creative ideas. I thought I would never want a console again.

Then there came NHL 2009 and my sister’s boyfriend Paul. During a family get together on New Year’s Eve, Paul showed me the current gen version of the game and I was hooked. I knew I needed an Xbox 360 and I knew the first game I had to buy. So when my tax return came back the following month I used it to purchase both, and have since bought NHL 10 and NHL 11 for the Xbox 360.

I am happy to say that after playing the demo for NHL 12, the streak will continue as I was blown away by not just the game play but the new tweaks to the physics engine. With my new HD LCD TV I will say the game looks freaking amazing!!! September 13th can not come quick enough!!!


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