#87 and what he means….

I had just watched The Score sports network and saw that Sidney Crosby has released a statement that he has no timetable for his return from the after effects of the two concussions that he suffered in January, four days apart. Since he shut it down in January, Sid has had many attempts to practice and make it back to the game but has ultimately had to shut it down many times due to the symptoms on the concussion creeping back.

The Pittsburgh Penguins and the NHL need Sidney Crosby to return to the game healthy. He is the face of the league and the game in North America and he is the best player in the world. “The Kid” has already accomplished alot in his very young career. He has won a Stanley Cup, an Olympic Gold Medal, a Hart trophy, an Art Ross trophy, a Lester B Pearson award, Sporting News NHL Player of the Year award, Mark Messier Leadership award twice and has been a first team all star.

Whenever Sidney Crosby hears criticism about his game, he strives to improve it and usually does and then some. For years Sid was told he couldn’t win face-offs and for the last few seasons he worked to change that and last year averaged around 60%. The other major flaw that he heard about in his game is that he doesn’t score enough goals. Two seasons ago Sid scored 51 goals to win the Maurice Richard trophy and last season he was on pace to score close to 60 goals when he was shut down for the season.

Like him or not, you can not deny the talent and the passion Sid has for the game of hockey. He plays for the crest on the front of the jersey not the name on the back of it. He takes the role of captain seriously and is a great ambassador for the game off the ice as well with his numerous charities and the public appearances that he makes. We miss you Sidney, come back soon!


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