Here Comes The Ax…..Here Comes The Smasher………….

Every Christmas season I buy the new WWE game for the Xbox 360. Hell, I have been playing the WWF/WWE cames since the old WWF Wrestlemania game for the Nintendo Entertainment System and have bought the Smackdown brand of games since Smackdown: Just Bring It. So there was really no drama over if I was going to purchase the newly re-branded wrestling game WWE ’12, but then I read something thay is forcing me to buy it on the day that it drops in stores. You see I will usually wait to buy the game until Christmas time as there are usually a few games that come out in the fall that have a higher priority.

This changed this fall however, as I read on that there would be two things in the new WWE game that I have been wishing and praying for since I started playing wrestling games. Two things that I have been a fan of since I started watching wrestling as a kid. Two things that I always tried to create but could never get quite right. What are those two things? Here ya go:

Yes, your eyes are telling you the truth….DEMOLITION AX AND SMASH!!!! I remember Demolition being the first tag team that I ever truly got into as a kid as I was fascinated by the make up (see I have always had a make up fetish) and the leather and studded ring gear. Demolition was labeled as “Road Warrior Rip-offs” and “Vince’s LOD Lite” by wrestling writers but I had never seen The Road Warriors as we did not get NWA wrestling here. So to me Demolition Ax and Smash were just one thing….AWESOME!

The simple way that they worked their matches and the in your face style of their promos made Demolition one of the top teams in WWF/WWE wrestling history but that they held the tag team titles for 698 Days over three title reigns. That is the most accumulated days as tag team champions as the second place team of  Professor Tanaka & Mr. Fuji , who had 569 Days.

To have Demolition’s entrance gear rendered in the game as well as hopefully their tag team finishing move, The Demolition Decapitation, means that I do not have to create a wrestler who “kind of” looks close enough and I just need to imagine that it is Ax and Smash. The first thing I will do with WWE ’12 once I open it is have a match between Demolition and The Road Warriors (as they were listed as well as being legends in the game) and do you know who will win???


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