Toronto Comic Con 2012????

Maybe it was the early morning stress headache that I woke up with or maybe it was that I have grown to realize the last few weeks that in life, nothing is guaranteed and we need to make every moment count. No matter what the motivation for my early morning deep thoughts, I made a few decisions. The one that I am going to blog about today is that I have decided (with everything working out of course) I am going to go to Toronto Comic Con 2012.

I have been tossing around alot of different cities and conventions, but after realizing that the Pittsburgh Comic Con is after the end of hockey season, I have shifted my attention back to the big one for Canada. The air fare and the convention prices are a little easier to handle and it is only a 2 day event.

The convention is on March 24th and 25th and there are a few Maple Leaf games and Raptors games going on at the time so there is a chance to take a gander at those as well. The plane tickets are looking to run around 350.00, compared to the other big conventions in Sand Diego and Pittsburgh that have airfare around 750.00.

I am hoping everything works out so I can go but I am very very excited!


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