My Favorite Thor moments……..(Part 2)

Well I am now awake and after many, many visits to various comic book and movie web sites I am still reeeling from The Avengers news that came out of D23 last evening. I am going to address that tomorrow night but today want to finish my favorite Thor moments from the comic book.

There is one writer and artist linked to Thor like no other and that is Walt Simonson. The man has had the best run on Thor in history and also may have had had the best run by any creator on any comic book. To me, the best story arc that he wrote was The Surtur Saga even though I think the best moment he wrote was the death of Skurge. The Surtur Saga was epic in it’s scale and featured something I truly will remember for a long time.

“The Surtur Saga,” which ran through Thor No. 349-353 (although seeds were planted when Simonson took over with No. 337), actually began when Simonson attended the Rhode Island School of Design. The plot has Surtur sending his demons to Earth, while he storms Asgard. On Earth, the Asgardians, the Avengers, Beta Ray Bill, and the Fantastic Four battle the demons. In Asgard, Thor, Odin, and Loki battle Surtur, resulting in the “deaths” of Odin and Surtur. Some of those modifications included Malekith the Accursed and the Cask of Ancient Winters in the previous storyline. The biggest was Loki fighting alongside Thor and Odin.

The shining moment to me was when Odin stood with Loki on his right and Thor on his left to defend Asagrd. Odin letloose a battle cry of “For Asagrd!” while Thor bellowed “For Migard!” and Loki chimed in with “For Myself!” That summed up the situation perfectly.

One of my favorite arcs in the history of Thor was when he finally assumed the throne of Asgard in volume 2 of the comic. This time when Odin dies, Thor accepts the fact that he has to rule. His look changes as he wears more taditional viking armor, grows a large beard and his features age. He gains the Odinforce and is resings himself to the affairs of the Golden Realm.

There were some great moments during this arc but my favorite is the story arc called “The Reigning.” During this arc, Thor makes the ASgardian gods the prominent religion to the world. He solidifies this by moving Asgard to New York and tries to have a hand in all the every day matters of the mortals. During this time the other heroes realize that Thor is hurting more than helping and they battle. Thor kills many of them but Wolverine does manage to slice of Thor’s left arm.

The son of Thor, Magni, regnizes that his father is wrong and is no longer worthy to weild Mjolnir. After a heated arguement with Thor and Loki, Magni is able to lift the hammer to show he is worthy and Thor realizes that he has to right this wrong. Using the power of the all father he goes back in time to give his younger self the memories of his future. He also merges that Thor with Jake Olson to make sure that he will have humanity.

The current Marvel mega event, Fear Itself has many great and memorable moments but to me it is Thor following the actual Norse myth by battling the 8 Worthy generals of The Serpent that is the most compelling and interesting. The most amazing moment to me was when Thor was battling an Asgardian powered Thing and Asgardian powered Hulk. The way Thor is written will leave you in awe and a new found respect for the Thunder God.

As Thor tries to reason with the Thing (the Thing can only speak in Runes) he is beaten down by both former friends, and as he once again reaches out to The Thing, he realizes that there is no reasoning with him and yells for Mjolnir. The hammer speeds through the air to it’s owner and rips through the chest of The Thing to Thor’s hand. The hammer dripping in blood is then turned to The Hulk.

Thor says to his former team mate” And to think. I liked him but you on the other hand….” (I won’t finish the quote just for fun.) He then tells the Hulk he realizes he could never beat him, which draws The Hulk’s ego out to the surface  and also surpresses his Asgardian influence as the Hulk is in control.  Knowing this, Thor slams Mjolnir into The Hulk so hard it sends him into outer space!

During the time of Thor: Disassembled, the comic was doing terrible sales even though it was one of the best written books in the Marvel line up. So Marvel decided to do something very risky but also very cool. They had Thor go through the various steps that Odin went through when he was to acquire knowledge.

For example, Odin plucked out one eye and threw it down Mímir’s well, but they had Thor pluck out both of his eyes so he could truly see. At the end of these trials, Thor discovered that there is a high echelon of Gods called “Those who sit above.” They were the ones who had a tapestry that allowed the Asgardian gods to live, die in Ragnarok and then be reborn to endure it all again and again and again.

Realizing that ending the cycle of rebirth would also cause the Asgardians to cease to exist, Thor allowed Surtur and his minions to enter Asgard so that it allowed his people to die a warrior’s death. This angered Loki as he saw it as truly insane and he pleaded with Thor ro reconsider his actions as he stated that he never wanted to see Asgard fall, he just wanted to rule.

As the time of the Asgardian gods ends, the last page of the book shows Thor’s face super imposed over the cosmos witht he last words of text stating “Now I will sleep.”

The Marvel/DC crossovers that happened in the late 1990’s was a surreal moment in comics history. There were a few different times that it happened but the moments that stood out to me were the battle between The Avengers and The Justice League, the moment where Superman was worthy to wield Mjolnir due to the need of the situation and Wonder Woman.

During the battle of The Avengers and The Justice League, Superman and Thor squared off in a hard hitting battle. Superman won (read my very first real blog on this site to see my feelings about this) but there were two very signififcant moments that happened to me. During the last great battle, Thor is once again….wait for it….separated from Mjolnir. Seeing this, WOnder Woman reaches the hammer and tosses it to the Thunder God. Thor is amazed she can lift it.

The other moment is the writers of the crossover hint at a budding relationship brewing between the two and I feel that Wonder Woman would be an  interesting lover for Thor. She is directly linked to the Greek Gods and is an Amazonian Princess and Thor of course is an Asgardian Prince and God of Thunder. The stories that could be written for the two could truly be epic on a large scale.


So there you have it folks. Yes, I am still EXTREMELY pissed I lose my favorite comic charaqcter again. I do however know he will need to be back by next May.


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