My Favorite Thor moments……..(Part 1)

With the news that there would be a new god of thunder debuting in The Mighty Thor #8 and coming to terms that Thor is looking to be killed by Marvel at the climax of the Fear Itself event, I decided to write a blog about my favorite Thor moments from my time reading the comic book. They are in no real order except how they came to me in my head. These are based on personal preference and not everyone will agree with me, but I will surely discuss Thor with anyone at anytime!

I honestly think that my favorite Thor moment is from Thor volume 3 #3 which was a very emotional and powerful story and moment. After Thor died during the “Thor: Disassembled” story arc as he ended the re-curring Cycle Of Ragnarok, he returned 4 years later to find the aftermath of the Super Hero Civil War. During Civil War, Captain America and Iron Man were on opposite sides and came to blows as Cap was fighting against the idea of Heroes giving up their secret identity to register with the government and Iron Man supported it.

Iron Man also had an ace up his sleeve at this time as he made a clone of Thor code named: Project Lightning. When Thor was reborn, he went to Louisianna to see the after effect of Hurricane Katrina. He was met with disdain by the locals who felt he could have stopped the devastation if he would have showed up. Iron Man showed up to have Thor side with him and register with the government. Thor then proceeded to beat Iron Man from pillar to post like I have never seen Iron Man beaten before. Thor also told Iron Man that “If your government wants to see real power, tell them to step foot in Oklahoma. I will then show them what true power is.”

You could see the remains of a once great friendship as Thor ripped off Tony’s helmet after frying his armor with an immense lightning bolt, which rendered his armor useless. Iron Man could not believe Thor’s power, to which Thor stated he was no longer holding back. When asked how he would return to Washington since he could not fly. Thor bluntly said “Walk.”

The very first Thor story arc I followed as a child and bought every issue of was when Seth the Egyptian God of Death successfully invaded Asgard and assumed power. It was an arc that many look back on in disdain but I truly enjoyed it. The story contained two of my favorite characters in Thor and The Black Knight.

The arc had everything you could possibly want in a good story. Seth was a very cool villain and I loved the idea of two powerful pantheons of Gods battling each other. This also marked my first experience with someone other than Odin leading Asgard. At this time Balder the Brave was ruling and decided to swy the battle in his favor by siphoning the power fo Thor himself, which caused Thor to be defeated by Grog the God Crusher.

The best part to me was the return of Odin at the end of the arc and how he ended up pairing off with Seth to battle and Thor ended up being paired of with a returning Surtur. So there were two epic battles going on at the same time in which all 9 realms were hanging in the balance.

I was in complete shock when I read The Mighty T hor volume 1 issue 432. It was as angry and blood thirsty that I had ever seen Thor. In the midst of a battle, Loki sends a blast of magic towards innocent people in which a woman is killed. Thor is enraged that Loki would strike down someone innocent, so he starts an ancient ritual, and using his lifeforce, kills Loki.

This issue is the end (at that time) of Thor as we know him and of Loki. Odin was once again unable to rule so the kingdowm was under the rule of Heimdall. The punishment for the killing of Loki was for Thor to banished for all eternity, but Thor begged Heimdall to not leave Migard unprotected.

So this is also the start of a whole new Thor, as Heimdall granted Eric Master the power of Thor but he would retain his own mind and memories. It was the first time that Thor was replaced by someone else, although Masterson changed the costume and went by the name of Thor as he looked very similar to him.

Another event that I really enjoyed was Secret Invasion. This event was centered around The Skrulls, a race of shape shifting aliens, who infiltrated the ranks of Earth’s heroes and villains on a religious mission from God to purify Earth. This event would be the first time that Thor would once again mingle with the other heroes of the Marvel Universe since his return.

A few different moments stood out to me. The first one was the return of Beta Ray Bill. When Thor realized his alter ego, Donald Blake, was needed to be a doctor in Oklahoma, he gives Mjolnir to Bill who transforms into his Asgardian form. When a Super Skrull wielding Bill’s enchanted hammer Stormbreaker bested Bill in battle. Blake showed up and reclaimed Mjolnir changing back into Thor, which he then battled the Skrull until he could reforge Stormbreaker. Bill regained his hammer and after powering up, he and Thor dropped Asgard on the Skrull, killing her.

The other moment to me was when all the heroes are rallying in Central Park under the lead of Nick Fury. They see lightning striking in the distance and move towards it. As they approach they see Thor striking the ground with his hammer. When asked what he is doing, Thor says “Calling them to battle.” When the Skrulls show up, they state that God loves them all. Fury, with Thor over his right shoulder says bluntly “Yeah, well my God carries a BIG hammer.”

My favorite relationship in comics is the friendship between Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Thor. It is only rivaled by the friendship of Superman and Batman in DC Comics. There is a true respect between the two Avengers and their friendship is the glue that holds the team together at times. Thor respects Captain America’s pureness, leadership ability and courage. Where as Cap respects Thor’s power, experience and honor.

Thor has said on more than one occassion that Captain America is the only mortal that he will follow, and the two share a very special bond that not many share. During the invasion of Asgard by Seth the Egytpain God, Thor was separated from Mjolnir and was getting overwhelmed. Instinctively, Captain America reached out and tossed the hammer to Thor, after using it to knock back some foes.

It was not until after the battle that the two realized what had just happened. Thor told Cap that they were know bounded by being worthy to wield Mjolnir and Cap aqdmitted to never having felt such power in a weapon in his life. There was a panel in the comic of the two both holding the hammer high at the same time and it was a moment that stayed with me since I was young.


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